Facebook on the desktop: access to social networking without a browser

Fishbowl – a client to work with Facebook, developed by scientists at Microsoft as an experiment. Currently it is not supported, but the open source code and can be used by other developers.

At first glance, Fishbowl is no different from Facebook in the browser, except slightly redesigned interface. At the top of the window there are tabs to switch between the main sections of the social network: the home page, profile, photos, search. On the left you can see the available actions, which vary depending on the selected partition.

With Fishbowl conveniently view photos. In one window, in the form of deposits of images represented by albums and albums of friends. You can view images in full screen mode, run a slide show, save images to your hard drive and send it to the printer. In addition, the Fishbowl is a simple tool for downloading images, allows you to add photos to Facebook by simply dragging the file into the window Fishbowl.

The bottom of the client window, you can see the number of unread private messages, the number of notifications and information about how many friends are online. Notifications are also displayed directly on the application icon in the system tray, so throwing look at it, you can immediately see if there are any new comments, wall posts and private messages. Through integration with the Windows 7 taskbar many actions such as viewing notifications and start the chat available right in the Jump (Jumplist).

Another interesting feature of the client – a mini-mode, in which the Fishbowl is presented as a small floating window that displays up to two hundred of recent developments in the feed Facebook. Such a representation, on the one hand, makes it possible to keep abreast of developments in the social network, and the other – does not interfere with the main work.

Alternatively, you may try again Fishbowl client FlipToast. In contrast to the Fishbowl, it has nothing to do with the interface of social networks. Instead, users are offered a small socket, which is always in the selected part of the screen.

Can use it to perform all the basic actions on Facebook: status updates, view notifications, read news feeds and search for messages, chat with friends in chat, post messages on the walls of friends, upload photos. Uploading photos is as simple as dragging the area Fishbowl. In the program, you can create new albums, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to establish for them discoverable.


Since the fifth version of Skype adds support for Facebook, the popular VoIP-client has become for most people the easiest way to communicate with friends in a social network. To chat with Facebook-contacts, just go to the one in the Skype tab and enter your account details. After this, Skype upload all your friends Facebook, and you can communicate with them as well as with Skype-contacts: write them in a text chat, make video calls and ordinary.

However, except for Skype, there are other ways laquo; zhivogoraquo, chat with friends on Facebook. For example, for text chat, you can use a very simple program fTalk. Like Skype, it organizes your contacts so that users who are online are shown at the top of the list, and the contacts are not online, you can even hide.

FTalk can display a notification in the system tray, or play a sound when a new message, and when a contact is offline. Separate notifications are set for full-screen applications, so, for example, when the user is watching a movie, fTalk can be quiet. A small bonus to the basic functionality of the program is the ability to change the status of the window fTalk.

Upload photos and videos to Facebook

To upload photos and videos to Facebook is no big deal, but all the same, and these simple operations can be more convenient. There are a number of alternative applications designed just for this purpose.

Upload Rabbit for Facebook is useful for bulk load. The application is built in the form wizard. Photos and videos can be dragged into its window directly from the file manager. In contrast to the standard boot loader, Upload Rabbit for Facebook allows for once downloaded files stored in different folders on the hard drives.

Can post content on the wall, add images or upload profile in existing or new albums.

Once the download is complete, you can go to view photos and videos to Facebook. The program can work with multiple accounts of social networks. Login details are stored in the application, and every time the file, you can select the desired account.

Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook – this is another program that makes it easier to download content on Facebook. Unlike previous tools, it only works with graphics files. Appears when you start Windows Explorer, which is proposed to select the photos to load. At a time to add files from multiple folders, unfortunately, will not succeed. But the program can automatically change the orientation of images and convert them to JPEG. In this case, it is possible to adjust the level of compression, the choice of compression method, changing the resolution. By default, photos are stored with a resolution of 960 pixels on the longer side.

Like the previous tool, Easy Facebook Photo Uploader supports multiple accounts (in the settings, you can specify which one to use by default) allows you to upload photos to existing albums or create new ones. On the album you can set the visibility for different categories of users.

Save photos from Facebook

More and more people are using Facebook for photos, so often in the user profiles you can find interesting galleries that want to save to your hard drive.

Can do this, for example, using a program Kurst FlickNav. The application is built on the Adobe AIR platform and so is cross-platform. After you have given your account information, FlickNav display a list of friends, and you can surf the busiest of the photos. All images are shown as thumbnails, the size of which can be controlled by simply rotating the mouse wheel. Thus, you can quickly bring a certain image, open it in full screen.

In the status bar shows the date of loading and the album title, and the right pane, you can view comments and leave your opinion about the photo. In addition, the current picture can be quickly downloaded to your hard drive. Also, there is a button to download all the pictures of the current user.

In FlickNav have one handy when viewing an image, which allows you to track new pictures from all your friends.


Strange to think that even ten years ago no one even knew that such a social network. Today, even ordinary mouse can be completed additional button for quick access to Facebook. So that there is a mouse! Some of us wake up in the morning robozaytsy karotz, waving his ears and reading the messages from the tape Facebook. So do not be surprised if in ten years the evolution of social networking and technology come to the point that when a sweet dream you see a pop up message laquo; such user wants to make friends with vamiraquo.; However, most likely, display notifications while watching dreams in full screen mode will be disabled.

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