Face control for Microsoft Office 2013

Official launch of Microsoft Office 2013 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013, but work on it has already been completed. A few days ago on TechNet the opportunity to download the full trial version of Office 2013 Professional Plus, which operates within sixty days. We must assume that the sales program will start just about two months, but for now we use the right of free test drive and see what’s new in Office 2013 core applications.

Subscription or standard license? Now there is a choice

Should start, perhaps not with the interface and new features, and with how it will apply the new laquo; Ofisraquo.; For the first time Microsoft offers not only standard perpetual license, but already tested as part of Office 365 license subscription. Recall that the project Office 365, which was initially focused on the structure of small businesses, provides flexible payment for applications, depending on how many people and for how long imi enjoy. Subscription is convenient because it’s cheaper than a standard license, and in addition, subscription user always gets the latest version of software.

With the release of Office 2013 to buy a subscription to Office applications can and home users. Thus, under the proposal Office 365 Home Premium, anyone can purchase an annual subscription cost of # 36, 99. This will include access to all major applications Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access) on five computers, as well as an additional 20 GB for storing files in SkyDrive, and 60 minutes of monthly calls to VoIP-service Skype. The subscription will be attached to the account Microsoft.

Small Business offers a subscription model Office 365 Small Business Premium cost # 36, 150 per year for each user. It is designed for companies in the state that up to 10 employees. Each of them will be able to install Office programs on 5 computers and get 500 MB of space in SkyDrive. In addition, the company will be granted a 10 GB and 25 GB SkyDrive to store mail in Outlook.

Despite the emergence of opportunities to work with office applications on a subscription, yet can still purchase traditional applications. Editorial Homeamp; Student 2013, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, will cost users in the # 36; 139. Version Homeamp; Business, which in addition to the above applications will Outlook, will be # 36, 219. And the most complete assembly Office 2013 Professional, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher, will cost the user in # 36, 399. It should be borne in mind that the traditional discount when purchasing multiple licenses usual at this time are not provided.

new front page and integration with laquo; oblakomraquo;

All major Office 2013 programs are met by the new home page. Each application color: Word – blue, Excel – green, PowerPoint – orange.

On the left side panel, you can see a list of recently opened documents, and the main part of the screen is reserved for displaying popular patterns from which to start. In addition, immediately after starting the Office proposes to enter account information Microsoft (formerly Windows Live ID).

This is in order to be able to save documents, not only locally, but on a remote server. Support for cloud service for storing files SkyDrive was implemented in MS Office in the past, but such integration was not with him. In Office 2013 when you create a new file, the default value is to keep him on the Microsoft SkyDrive.

If your disposal is more than one computer (or, perhaps, and other devices) that are running Office 2013, you can always have access to their documents. The program not only synchronizes files themselves, but also lists of recently opened documents, as well as the changes that have been made in the application interface.

Way, folders, which are often used to store (as in SkyDrive, and on a local drive), you can choose to not use the standard navigation tool dialog box. If you want some folders have always been in the list proposed for conservation, just attach them to the site by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Opportunities offered by the program save new files on SkyDrive you do not need? Then check laquo; default save to kompyutereraquo, save in the settings of the program.

Integration with social networking sites

One of the main motifs of new versions of Windows and Office – Personalization. Except that before working with Office is now available to select background programs and log into your account Microsoft, the new version of office suite and realized the control account settings.

In the Menu laquo; Faylraquo, added section laquo; Accounting zapisraquo.; There is the opportunity to move to the parameters account at Microsoft, change your avatar, get out of your account and log in as the other, and connect to your secondary services. Among the supported services, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. After connecting the social services it is possible to send them links to files stored in SkyDrive, right from the application.

Tab laquo; Faylraquo;, click the link laquo; General dostupraquo, and you can quickly generate a link to view and edit files other people send the document to a social site, or by e-mail, post it in the blog, or create on its basis an online presentation.

The presentation files will be placed in an online store, and they will generate a link. When the participants of the presentation go to the link, they can see the document in a Web application Word Web Apps and real-time monitoring of how the author identifies the text and move on it.

Innovations in Ribbon

Because Office 2013 is available for the following operating system, Windows 8, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the design of the package is in accordance with the appearance of the new OS. Buttons to navigate the Ribbon tabs are flat, and their names are now written in capital letters. This is to ensure that when the touch screen on the tabs easier to get a finger.

In the same line, which has the name of the tab, you can now see your avatar and name of the person using the account is logged into a Microsoft. Button to minimize tape which previously was located opposite the names of the tabs, moved slightly below the level of display commands in the Ribbon.

Turn folded before the tape can be the same as before – the team laquo; Collapse lenturaquo, in the context menu strip. Also in the interface have additional button for quick switching between display tape. It is located in the right corner of the screen at the same place the following buttons to control the window. Clicking on it, you can select one of three display modes: display commands and tabs, only the names of tabs or hide the ribbon completely. The latest in a previous version of MS Office was not provided.

For those users, who will work with the new version of office suite with touch screens, a new mode of touch control.

To switch between running the mouse and touch input is convenient to make the Quick Access Toolbar appropriate button. Then you can just click on it and select the desired mode.

When using touch input button size and team names on the tape increases, as well as the space between them. With this finger is easier to hit the right buttons. In addition, the touch mode includes support for gestures.

Should be noted that adaptation to the sensing devices – minimum and applies only to the first level commands. That is, if you get your finger on the button to change the color of the text is quite possible, then choose the color of the options in the list is impossible, since the menu to select remained the same as in the version of the traditional mouse input. Defects are visible in almost all drop-down menus – no problem with your finger to select the item you want except that you can change the menu style and theme.

Ribbon interface, first introduced in Office 2007 and modified in the previous version, this one too has undergone changes. First, users who are used to issue their documents with themes, different colors and other things, it makes sense to pay attention to the fact that the tab laquo; Layout stranitsyraquo, was split into two. Of the available tools on it was moved to a new tab laquo; Dizaynraquo;.

This work with themes, fonts, colors and effects, it is much easier. Previously, they were huddled at a very small portion of the tape, but had now set aside more space. Tab laquo; Dizaynraquo, also moved the team from Section laquo; stranitsyraquo background, that previously were too tab laquo; Layout stranitsyraquo.; Here you can find the command to set the interval between paragraphs.

Jump to the last position in the reading of the document

Not all users of MS Office are aware of the keyboard shortcuts Shift + F5, which is very useful when working on large documents. It instantly transports you to your last edit, the program remembers the place, even if the document has been closed and re-opened.

In Office 2013 the transition to the place of the document, where the user left off, has become much clearer. Now, when you open the file in the right-hand side of the screen displays a small window with the notification.

It says that the file was closed. If you click on this post, you can immediately move into the portion of the document that was active at the time of its closure. It is not necessary to make changes to the file – even if the user in the previous session was just reading the document, the last position will be maintained. Information about it is stored in SkyDrive, so you can start reading a document on one device and continue – on the other.

updated reading mode

Speaking of reading. Since it is assumed that many users of Office 2013 will work with tablets, the developers made changes to the mode of reading documents. Now you can flip through pages with the controls located on the edges of the screen. With this document open in a mode reminiscent page paper magazine.

The tools available in read-only mode in Office 2010 (translator, search, reference, annotation) was added to another – search in Bing. The new read-only font size is automatically selected depending on the size of the screen, and when you click on the image or object is scaled according to the table and floats on top of the text. The transition to the read mode on the screen are stored slider to scale text (in Office 2010 it disappeared from the screen) and the button to change the view mode of the document.

Inserting images and videos from the Internet

Ability to insert different graphics in Word there since time immemorial. In the new version, along with charts, objects, SmartArt, vector shapes and bitmap images in the document became possible to insert images from the Internet and online video. The two new features to be expected to be found on the tab laquo; Vstavkaraquo;.

The insert pictures from the Internet makes it possible to add to the document images stored on SkyDrive services and Flickr. In addition, right out of the program works in the Bing image search and on Office.com. The previous version of Office could search only the clips on Office.com. Particularly interesting integration with SkyDrive, because when working on the document can now be attached with pictures from personal online file storage.

Insert video first appeared in 2010, but then can be inserted or movie from your hard drive or from video sharing code. The new version of the tool to insert the interface has been redesigned and implemented to search for services Bing Video and YouTube with the ability to quickly insert rollers found in the file. After that, the video appears in the text: it is enough to click on it – and the play begins. When playing a video window is scaled and placed on top of the main text.

Insert video, you can immediately place it in a nice document, select one of the text-wrapping.

Sorry, the insert videos from the internet does not work with other popular video sharing. In particular, video from Vimeo play from Word did not work.

Small interface improvements Word

In Word 2010 in the lower right part of the window displays five buttons to access the different regimes of the document. Trend to simplify the interface to get to the 2013th version before this part of the window.

buttons to switch between the document in Word 2010

New Word shows only three buttons – for the most popular viewing modes.

A to switch to draft or structure, need to go to the tab laquo; Vidraquo, on tape. By the way, maybe in the next release of these two modes will be lost at all – at least in Word 2013 buttons for inclusion were significantly less buttons for three main modes.

Tab laquo; Vidraquo; in Word 2013

tab laquo; Vidraquo, in Word 2010

If you select text, you will notice that the pop-up toolbar appears automatically edit. In previous versions it was translucent and becomes active only when the user moves the cursor over it. Now it is seen much better. The teams, which are offered to it by default, has not changed, but the button to call the style has become more and more visible through this.

Style became a little easier to use. If earlier to control the display of text that is related to the headlines, it was possible only in the mode of laquo; Strukturaraquo;, now in all modes, you can click on the icon next to the title, thus turning its contents.

Content header no longer displayed

Editing PDF

History Support PDF files in MS Office began with the appearance of a special extension, after the installation of which was made possible to save files in this format. Later, saving to PDF was implemented in Word by default.

In version 2013 the developers have gone a step further: now not only creates a Word file PDF, but can open them and to make changes. Analysis of the document is opening.

Fact converted to PDF format MS Word, and then when you save the inverse transformation. If the program finds a file in PDF editable text, you can work with it in the same way as documents Word: search for text, replace some other parts, add and so on. For working with PDF files is very easy to access panel laquo; Navigatsiyaraquo, with which you can quickly search and display thumbnails and navigate. If the document contains headings, they will also be displayed on the panel. E appearance, incidentally, also has been redesigned – now tab names do not appear in the form of faceless icons in Word 2010, and words.

Changes in collaborative editing of the document

In Word 2013 and the system is improved co-editing a document, the changes are as familiar tools review, located on the tab of the same name, and co-editing the files in laquo; oblakeraquo;.

In Word 2010, you can view a document that contains fixes, or a display of corrections to the original document, or to show the changes in the final document. You can also hide the changes and watch our raw or simply modified document. In other words, when you look correct, you definitely will see a strikethrough and colored fragments added text and comments submitted by the editor.

In Word 2013 edited text viewing modes are recycled. There are still four, but they are more flexible. You, as before, you can view the original document, as amended, which do not appear correct, and changed with the display of all edits. But chetvrty mode, which in the English version is called Simple Markup, and in Russian – just laquo; Ispravleniyaraquo, is completely new. It shows izmennny document that no strikethrough and color inserts and which is therefore easy to read. However, the fields have notice of revisions, and if the resulting text appears you imperfect, at any time you can click on to such notification and see what was changed.

In addition, in this mode, you can control the display of notes. That is, the changes made to the document editor, can not be displayed, and the notes will remain visible. This is – a much more flexible approach to collaborative editing of documents than those that existed in previous versions of Word.

Notes themselves have also become more functional. Now, by clicking on the small button in the upper right of the screen, the user can answer the note. Thus, it is possible to write to the editor as long as there will be no questions, and then mark the note as ready. These notes will be grayed out. By the way, Word allows you to contact the person who left the note, more quickly. If you move the cursor to his avatar, icons appear to communicate by e-mail, Skype or via instant messaging. It is clear that to communicate with someone in such a way that someone should complete information about yourself.

Another option edit mode – change tracking, which can not be dismissed. My edits you make to a document can be password protected.

With simultaneous editing a file stored on a remote server, Word locks that paragraph in which one of the users are currently making changes. For the rest of the editing process, it becomes temporarily unavailable. Once a user is storing the document and goes to edit another fragment, a paragraph will begin to change others. All the participants of collaborative editing changes made by others are green.

New Excel

Course, very difficult to refine a program that already has hundreds of features designed to resolve various problems. Nevertheless, users expect from the new releases not only small changes in the interface, so developers have to invent something new.

Innovations made in the latest version of Excel, no longer focused on extending the functionality of the program, and to increase the convenience of working with her. Compared with Excel 2010, the new version of the application has become more laquo; umnoyraquo.; For example, to analyze the data, now do not need a long time to think about which option to render the best fit this case. Enough to select the cells and click the icon for quick analysis. Program immediately will give the most appropriate options analysis: charts, bar charts, color scale, and so on.

Another laquo; umnayaraquo; function that will appreciate the beginners, – laquo; Recommended diagrammyraquo.; If you want to visualize the data, but have no idea what type of chart would be best of all, choose the command tab laquo; Vstavkaraquo, and the program will show a number of suitable options.

To simplify the work with the same type of data in Excel 2013 has been added instantaneous filling. It can be useful if you need to create additional columns to the data on the basis of existing ones. Instant filling is included in the event that the software can recognize a pattern of input data. For example, as in the example with the price of books. As can be seen, the program recognizes the pattern on the second cell and offered complete the entry.

New PowerPoint

Most important updates in the program to create presentations related to the requirements of time. For example, in PowerPoint 2010 has a new layout with a 16:9 aspect ratio and new themes created for widescreen monitors. Many themes now include variations with different fonts and color schemes.

Presentations can now use the MOV and MP4 video with H.264 and audio AAC, as well as the contents of the higher resolution. PowerPoint 2013 contains more integrated codecs, thereby reducing the number of cases where they need to be installed separately. For those who use sound in your presentations, can be useful function playing music track while viewing the entire presentation or only some slides. Charts and graphs created in Excel, can now be inserted directly in the presentation of maintaining the appearance and functionality.

Creating presentations is made easier with the introduction of several possible forms of association (using the command laquo; Gruppirovatraquo ;) . Coming up with such objects can be combined to work as a unit.

In PowerPoint 2013, there were also guides to help place objects on the line.

And with a new tool laquo; Pipetkaraquo, you can fill a shape opredelnnym colors to indicate it on another object (for example, a bitmap).

As in Word 2013, the program for creating presentations changed work with notes. To create and view the notes used a separate area where you can not only read the comments to the presentations, but also respond to them.

Another important improvement – the appearance of the function laquo; dokladchikaraquo mode, which is useful when using two or more monitors. If your computer is connected to two monitors, one of which is used to give a presentation to the audience, and the second – for the speaker, then the inclusion of this mode will enable the display on the screen are different service information. It can be notes, sketch the next slide, and so on. Also available on the Home screen, highlight pen, increasing fragments slide.

New Outlook

Work with mail for the last couple of years has changed: people are used to receiving more letters and spend to process each of them less time. These trends are embodied in the new version of the mail client Outlook.

Message list is now more informative – it shows not only the title and address of the sender, but the first line of the letter (in this long accustomed to Gmail users and many other popular web service for email). With this you can sometimes see the content, even opening it (say, if it consists only of words laquo; Spasiboraquo, or laquo; Dogovorilisraquo ;) . For faster control messages to the right of the message header button has been added to remove it (however, the message will be deleted, even if you do not hit the button itself, and simply click on the right of the title bar), and click on the blue area on the left unread message will read, and vice versa.

Simplified and reply to emails. When answering a separate window opens, and replaces the original.

If the user started typing a reply, but was distracted and moved on to another report, the unfinished message is automatically stored in laquo; Chernovikahraquo.; Additionally, when you view the message, which is not appended answer in your laquo; Vhodyaschieraquo, will list the original email, and draft a response. Near the message header will also appear red flag laquo; Chernovikraquo;.

Above the message list, as before, there is a line for the search, but it has become more functional. Right here, you can set the search area. This can be not only the current folder, but the current mailbox, all boxes or all of the Outlook.

Outlook, like other programs in MS Office 2013, is integrated with social networks. Contacts from Facebok and LinkedIn can be imported into the address book, which is now called as the application in Windows 8, – laquo; Lyudiraquo.; In Outlook, by the way, can be displayed and updates from social networks.

One of the interesting innovations

Also note the embedded widget weather in the calendar window that shows the current weather and the coming days. This is probably done to planning a business, you take into account the realities of the weather.

Way, switching between mail, calendar, tasks and contacts are now performed at the bottom of the screen – each section corresponds to large lettering, optimized for touch screens. In order to see the main events relating to section (appointments, contact information, to the letter which you are responsible), and sometimes you can not even switch to the appropriate view. Just move the cursor to the title, and all the data will be displayed in a popup window.


Honestly, the new version of office suite left a mixed impression. And if after reading the 2010 version we got to it in the same day, we will be whether to use Office 2013 tomorrow – as long as they are not sure. The main innovation of the package – integration with SkyDrive, but installed on a laptop computer and the smartphone Dropbox for two years now copes with the synchronization of files between all devices. Of course, in contrast to the SkyDrive, it does not store the tape and makes it impossible to move to the last position of the document, but to change because of the usual scheme of work on SkyDrive until you do not want.

Second widely publicized innovation – optimizes the interface for touch input device – in fact it turned underdeveloped. At least on the touch screen dvadtsatichetyrehdyuymovom get your finger on the pull-down menu is possible unless the child’s fingernail. On the tablet with a small screen, probably, will make it even more difficult. In general, the touch screen makes sense to immediately hide the ribbon and use the Word in read – turning pages in it comfortably, with no one disputes this.

Not all features that are touted as advantages of the new version, is new. Rather, they can be considered improvements, polishing of familiar features. For example, insert the video from the Internet and has been in previous versions of MS Office, though not as visual. The same goes for pop-up when you select the edit panel, the ability to contact the translator and dictionary from the context menu in read mode. And save to SkyDrive was also, not forced upon as aggressively as it is now.

The testing revealed a few unpleasant moments, the explanation that we have not been able to find. For example, in Word for some reason refused to work the keyboard shortcut CTRL + X (while copying via CTRL + C worked fine), and the first created in the program document … evaporated. At the same time, there were no notices – Word just disappeared from the system tray with unsaved sketch plan of the article. When you restart the program no proposals to restore anything. We are accustomed to the fact that Word 2010 for emergency closing stores almost every character typed is an unpleasant surprise.

However, in Office 2013, there are a number of really good innovations. Get at least the ability to send documents to your social networks directly from the software interface, speaker mode in PowerPoint, a quick analysis of the data in Excel, graphic and at the same time does not require any additional action saving drafts in Outlook, editing PDF files in Word. Overall, the choice, as always, you.

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