European release of Persona 4 Arena postponed

Publisher Zen United announced that the European premiere fighting game Persona 4 Arena will not take place in 2012. Company representatives stressed that the project is delayed for neopredelnny term.

According to Zen United, release of the game had to be postponed because of the processes associated with the localization of Persona 4 Arena for the European market. Employees reported that the project will not be translated for each country of the region, and only released an English version. Publisher claims that moving the release of it is completely independent.

Zen United

Representatives understand that this may upset a lot of people. Experts hope that the future will be able to report better news related to the game.

Summer 2012 console version of fighting game released in the U.S. and Japan. To date, rating PlayStation 3 version of the project on Metacritic is 86 out of 100 points. Average Xbox 360 version of Persona 4 Arena is 83 points. In the first week sales of 128 thousand copies of the game for PS3.