Educational platform release Mandriva Class

Mandriva has announced the release of software solutions Class, for the organization of training courses in real time and marks the return of the company in the field of education.

Functional Mandriva Class platform allows teachers and students to interact in a virtual classroom. In addition to the interactive component allows participants to communicate new exchange text messages, files, and training materials, as well as a remote display screens teacher contents of their workstations to check completed jobs.

“Since we opened Mandriva Class learning opportunities for hundreds of thousands of students around the world who can not physically attend the courses. Our software solution shortens the distance between teacher and student, and provides all the necessary tools for quality education”, mdash; commented on the issue Product Marco Polidori (Marcos Polidoro), head of the Mandriva Education Center.

Educational platform Mandriva Class presented by the developer in two editions mdash; for teachers (Teacher Edition) and students (Student Edition). For detailed information about the system, as well as information on the cost of software solutions published on page / education / mclass.