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Dishonored to end, once again convinced mdash; Arkane Studios loves his work. You feel that people working in the company are really passionate about creating games and tend to teach us not only the product, but the product that will be remembered for long. New world, not like the Sun, which we have seen to it.

Unfortunately, as in the case of the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dishonored was the victim of big ambitions and big pre-release promises mdash; at every show, in every trailer released gradually loomed before us almost the game of the year. However, the developers did not have quite a bit to add some pieces to the whole masterpiece. Dishonored left imperfect, but it does not do e bad game. If only because the French have still got glavnoe mdash; give us a feel for a real cool killer, completes justice. By any means possible.

revenge or justice?


Killer protagonist laquo; nagrazhdayutraquo, even in the prologue. The plot was known long before the game mdash; lord protector Corvo Atta returned from distant Krav, where he brought the search for a cure for the plague, a dark shadow has fallen on Danuoll. The mission ended in failure, and Corvo hurry to a meeting with the Empress, to tell her grim news. Hardly the first person in the state has time with his bodyguard exchange a few words, as a peaceful conversation interrupted nowhere who undertook the Assassins. Empress dies, and the attackers are dissolved in the air, taking the young heir to the throne and leaving Corvo one-handed. Here is the powerful personality, took the opportunity mdash; our hero goes to jail and comes to power as the former head of the secret service of the imperial.

Six months later and countless torture designed to knock out former lord advocate recognition, have a chance to save mdash; unknown well-wishers to help organize the escape from prison. Corvo is separated from the freedom of only a couple of guards and a few locked doors. Already at this stage we are given to understand mdash; proceed as you see fit. Power, can, and has been replaced, but for the simple guards and soldiers is absolutely no difference. Show mercy and let them live, quietly strangled and put in a dark corner, or walk over the dead bodies, in revenge for unfair charges and answering cruelty to cruelty.

Keep cool head is not easy mdash; temptation out of the shadows and destroy anyone who gets in the way, is extremely high. Faced with loyalists staged a flight from dungeons Koldridzha, we have access to several deadly toys. Crossbow pistol with different types of ammunition, sharp blade, hook yes lots of super-powers mdash; as here do you want to resist the killings?

From the diversity of ways of killing the head spin. Rub the rat spring mine, inspiring and not run straight to the unsuspecting enemy mdash; fireworks from flying limbs provided. Set on soldiery whole flock of plague and stand aside while the hungry animals do their thing. Finally, just get out of the shadows and cross swords with enemies, if all these mystical things you do not like. Dishonored is a huge field for experimentation, allowing at any time, change the style and tactics of battle mdash; something like we saw in last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Game honestly warns that each murder brings grim finale, in the way which will be more rats and plague-infected inhabitants. If you want to see a better future, better act covertly mdash; benefit for this given the appropriate opportunity. Investing and of the way the runes in stealth abilities and improvements Corvo learn to move without the least noise, to see enemies through walls, teleport over long distances. With this arsenal can go through the whole game without killing anyone at all.

wealth of choice

Design missions and locations in Dishonored also strongly encourages to experiment. Paths to the goal are always a few, but plans may change if the path you overhear a conversation or find important documents that clarify the situation. Perhaps the best way to describe the gameplay can be a concrete example.

One of the first tasks is to remove the supreme keeper Campbell, significantly weaken the conspirators, seized power. By laquo; official tseliraquo, his request she adds, served loyalists, mdash; she asks to save the life of the chief of Campbell s uncle.

First, you need to enter the building Abbey inhabitants mdash; religious order, led by Campbell. Sneak along the ledges, hack electric barriers, climb on rat moves or deadly whirlwind tour of the area, killing the guard, mdash; no limit your choice. Again, you can go to the Abbey through one of the many windows, through the front or back door. To do the job, enough to get inside, to know the location of the supreme caretaker and stab him mdash; probably would then have to kill and head of security. But what do without war victims, right?

Wrong! For those who do not want to arrange a blood bath, there are other options. Campbell made his way to the room, you can pour poison into his glass of wine, and when it’s over, to quietly laquo; vyrubitraquo, head of security, until he yelled: laquo; Alarm-of-the-ha-ah-ah! raquo; There are quite a sophisticated way to perform this task. The security chief was still subject to strangulation and sniffs safe and warm garbage can, and the supreme keeper we take on the shoulder and carry in doprosnuyu room. One moment mdash; and now a senior official acquires a stigma that put heretics. Campbell’s reputation is destroyed, the girl’s uncle is alive, and we quietly get out of the window and go back to the pub laquo; Psya yamaraquo, back to the amazement of our bloodless method loyalists.

Dishonored continuously decomposes options before your eyes, making quick decisions and act as you see fit. Freedom is not a convention, it really is and lets you choose what to do in a particular case. If you think that was a mistake to have the support of the combination of F5 and F9 mdash; at once, the modern shooter offers freely to save and load the game, and not to be attached to the control points.

Progress and related diseases

The wealth of gameplay

Arkane Studios supplemented hard work with graphics and sound. For the visual style of the game answered by none other than Viktor Antonov mdash; chief designer of Half-Life 2, Valve had left in 2005. Brush Master felt very clearly mdash; Danuolla shape can be described as laquo; City 17 in the midst of industrial revolyutsiiraquo.; Everywhere hang speakers from which poured propaganda lzhepravitelstva, border quarantine areas are painfully familiar metal barriers, and shall protect strutted on long metal legs tollboi.


Of plagiarism and not talking mdash; Dishonored have a proper person who instantly remembered and will not let anything else confused invented Arkane Studios universe. Impression one gets from the set pieces of different sizes: a breathtaking panorama of the sunset Danuolla, the growing wind whistling in my ears during ascent to high bridge, mechanical clock tower rising over submerged in darkness kanalomhellip, as banal as it may sound, but the reality of this world very easy to believe. Even despite the fact that it is a strange mixture of steampunk, science fiction and fantasy tmnogo mdash; before the Dishonored no one would have thought that these components can be put together seamlessly.

Why is the final assessment of the project, performing aerobatics on the part of the visual aesthetics and variety of gameplay possibilities, so low? The sad fact mdash; working on Dishonored French company took on too much, failing to implement all components of the way it was intended.

Take, for example, the stealth system. Lighting and shadows do not play absolutely no role mdash; opponents see well in the dark, and the probability of detection depends on whether there is among you a high enough hurdle. So you are not surprised to find that the light source can not be destroyed. Sound the same, with all its detail and elaboration, carried far enough mdash; come together to fight the enemy on the ground floor and ringing steel, do not be surprised if the floor above happens exactly no movement. Such conventions sometimes go too far, bordering on the absurd mdash; can remove the guards, standing almost in step with each other! Apparently, the population of the capital of the empire polls suffer tunnel vision.

When you realize how primitive senses arranged opponents, interest in the subtle movement of a significant lost. Adds fuel to the fire and imperfect mechanics skill laquo; Peremeschenieraquo, allowing teleport from place to place mdash; many ledges and overhangs, visually seem appropriate, for some reason you can not get into. In addition, the process is fraught with careful and tedious aiming. Sometimes everything goes without problems, and sometimes miss is by halfpixel as Corvo was flying acquainted with paving stones from a height of fifty meters.

The story tries to redeem

Imperfect mechanics and catch the baton, but it hardly will present some surprises mdash; only the most inattentive players can not predict the time laquo; neozhidannyyraquo, turning around in the middle of the game. Variability of gameplay, thankfully, does not go away until near the end, but the final Sun equal to the width of the corridor narrows.

14-15 hours later, when the screen crawling titles with disappointment think: laquo; all? Is this the end? Raquo; Imagine the whole picture mdash; Dishonored action takes place in a completely new, very interesting game universe. At least for this is to shake hands with every employee Arkane Studios and the big boss of Bethesda Softworks, razglyadevshy experiment potential. Imagine the disappointment of the fact that we are given a look into this unknown world to some fifteen hours!

Hand already reaching for the button laquo; New igraraquo, but then remember all the rough edges, which came in the first pass, and you realize mdash; as the first time, will be gone. MOD DLC planned to wait and hope that they are our tour enchantingly dangerous universe Dishonored is just beginning …

LocalizationThe game only translated the text portion, and the voices were left untouched. However, the material is still more than in the average shooter, because the dialogues and casual remarks Dishonored adds substantial amount his short books, notes, and various notes, from which we learn about the world and the events happening around them. All this is passed on to the Russian without errors and inaccuracies. Unfortunately, numerous signs, graffiti and other textures remained intact.Evaluation of localization: 7


  • freedom of choice and the striking diversity within each job mdash; kill or get their bloodless methods;
  • awesome atmosphere, down from a visual component-designed and detailed sound;
  • various magical abilities, gadgets and weapons.


  • game itself seems to dwarf the scale devised against the developers of the universe;
  • primitive stealth;
  • already in the second or third mission Corvo becomes almost omnipotent;
  • a predictable plot twist in the middle of the story and sluggish final.

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