Die a portable gaming console, the onslaught of smartphones?

Said that handheld console look much less attractive than its competitors in the face of devices on iOS and Android for a number of obvious and supposedly objective reasons. Like, why buy and carry around an extra gadget for games when you can have fun and a great multi-function phone / player / tablet? Especially as their technical characteristics are quite similar, and the notorious graphic display of the iPhone looks no worse than the PS Vita.

Course, users much more interesting to be able to acquire a lot of games in a price range of 0.99 to 7 dollars you spend to 1 500-2 000 per cartridge for 3DS. Again mdash; in digital stores Apple and Google can find thousands of different applications and games for all tastes, while the modern portable consoles God forbid nabertsya charges against a couple dozen projects.

Well apparently, what options there?

little retrospective

Generally, the existence of mobile consoles are closely associated with the home game systems. Despite numerous attempts to different companies to create their own free device, really great results could be achieved only producers laquo; profilyaraquo wide, like Nintendo. Some, of course, can not remember such a thing as TurboExpress from NEC, Atari Lynx or Nokia N-Gage, but in each case quickly became clear that consumers are not concerned about such products at a more interesting alternative.

But, you know, every device mdash; this is just a piece of hardware with the chip set and plastic parts. You can create a really inexpensive, pleasant hand and eye, as well as outstanding performance to his generation gadget mdash; however, no clear-cut support from software publishers, this toy is unlikely to be relevant. Prichm it applies to any game console, not only pocket type. For examples of business does not become mdash; ambitious 3DO recall someone from Panasonic, where he was a NO GAEMZ, as owner of the first PlayStation 3 games do not even dreamed of. And if the manufacturer of the device implemented full support of his product by releasing their own applications and games, or bringing to the case of third-party developers, for many years the unit has been successful in the market mdash; exactly as long as the replaced technology generation.

So, with a portable system, the situation has always been quite trivial. The best way to attract the attention and interest of the audience for the new gaming platform has always been a solid list of games with familiar names. Achieving all versions Gameboy, and later DS, based on the famous video game series based on Nintendo, which had previously been presented on home consoles. Flagship Mario, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, along with some Castlevania and Final Fantasy for two decades have often been the real engine sales any gaming gadget. The logic is simple mdash; buyers almost always sure about the quality of these games are very familiar with the characters and universe liked intuitive and familiar gameplay.

With svom disposal laquo; titulnuyuraquo; range, fully justifying the existence of the device on the market, the manufacturer can not afford to start a large number of original projects that were created exclusively for this gaming platform. Sometimes successful mobile games consoles, and then moved to the home consoles. Thus realizes the full support of different devices from a single source through a single database of games for generations.

Of course, most of all here succeeded Nintendo mdash; quarter century of success in the market. Sony, released its PSP in late 2004, also went on the road, offering a portable console ports laquo; bolshihraquo, and well-known games like GTA, God of War, Metal Gear or Tekken. In the world of SCM, net of the former Soviet Union, in the face of rival Nintendo DS by popularity significantly outstripped PSP, but in general, both devices were quite successful, and for nearly seven years, pleasing their publishers commercial rates.

Club badge at the library

Sun above leads us to the fact that every game platform mdash; this is a club where the presence of a device is a kind of a pass to a wide base of games. And the role of moderator and is responsible for the overall quality of the content in turn executes the manufacturer. Now this role on their own platforms owned by Sony and Nintendo.

Most significant projects are developing just the creators of devices that are aware that they must first provide a decent range of software. Best games on the PlayStation 3 and Vita mdash; is from Sony. On consoles from Nintendo, this situation esch more explicit mdash; successful development of third-party companies for 3DS and, in recent years, the Wii is a really isolated incidents. But the new Sun of the same Mario, Metroid, Zelda and Donkey Kong deservedly get the highest critical acclaim.

And, in fact, it is unclear where the rumors come from, say that current Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are unsuccessful devices, users are presented insufficient number of interesting games.

3DS largely laquo; vyezzhaetraquo, for the success of its predecessor scht mdash; for almost half a year of its existence, the console cheerfully rasprodatsya hundreds of thousands of copies a month. Even with the obvious blunders uchtom Nintendo like a weak battery or the absence of a second analog stick (you can buy a silly addition and stick it to the body of the console mdash; then there will be two stick) is now on the platform there are at least a dozen different games. Suppose, on the passage of Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D uydt you have more than a dozen hours of fun. This is a really great game that is indeed worth the money. And, except on the 3DS, you will never be able to play them.

At the same

Vita at all was one of the strongest starting lines of modern consoles mdash; and yet since the launch was only a few months. On the shelves are now found worthy representatives of virtually all genres. A pile of fighting games, platformers, action games with user-friendly controls (Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Unit 13, Resistance: Burning Skies), all sorts of arcade original and original projects (Gravity Rush, Escape Plan) mdash; for every taste and color. Ahead loomed very interesting prospects in the form of spin-offs known series like Call of Duty, BioShock and Assassin s Creed.

Finally, PS Vita has a great potential as a platform for games, ported from fixed systems. Follow the news? Noticed that literally every month announce HD-reissues of old and popular games? Certainly in the near future Sony to think about the transfer process hits the past generation, not only on the PlayStation 3, but its portable console. For example, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on a handheld device looks and plays just fine.

All this, according to you, a little?

Quantity or quality?

Apple and Google, in turn, are very different. They also take on the role of administrators of digital content on their markets, but mostly just watching for the technical implementation of the acceptability of applications and games. No need to somehow maintain a relatively inexpensive software developers mdash; in both digital service crammed hundreds of independent companies offering work of different levels. And the creation of large and truly iconic games are out of the question IDT mdash; Apple and Google to do this while not interesting, and in small studios simply do not have such opportunities.

Yes, of course, low-budget projects are sometimes laquo; vystrelivayutraquo.; The examples are not far to seek: we all killed at one hour for Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. But this successful copies, floating in a sea of ??mediocre applications. The software market for iOS or Android mdash; this is a case where the number of strongly prevails over quality.

Another thing is that the software market for smartphones and tablet computers can more thoroughly to settle the largest game publishers like Electronic Arts and Square Enix. Already available to some very tech games like Dead Space same or Infinity Blade. However, in terms of popularity such applications Sun still well behind kazualki inexpensive and simple, which are more comfortable and playable on the touch screen, devoid of physical buttons.

Presented and ports of old hits, such as Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate, Max Payne, GTA III, as well as a modern Street Fighter IV. Is it convenient to play these hardcore, in general, the projects on the touch screen? All this is rather like a kind of whim mdash; here, they say, look, my phone is superprodvinutaya game in 2001, which slowed down the wild in the free time, all my friends in the second laquo; pentiumahraquo;! And do not care that the control is awkward, but after an hour the fingers begin to itch and reminded of the existence of tunnel syndrome. But what nostalgia!

Who would be there

Say what, but the usual format with games consoles and PCs did not place on smartphones. All-purpose, multifunctional devices still here Sun spoils mdash; never be able to create a normal shooter third or first-person on-screen without affecting gameplay.

Anyway laquo; normalnoyraquo, too, will not play. Here you can imagine a canonical continuation of the series like Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS, say, the iPad? Who will buy the game for $ 50 in AppStore? No, in the coming years will not be redevelopment in these digital services mdash; at best we can expect crippled hits of the past.


Excellent prospects for smartphones and tablets from traditional adventure or strategies. That’s where the ideal control gestures and fingers! Little we Escape from Monkey Island, laquo; Mashinariumaraquo, or poor version SimCity and Red Alert. Let’s porter is our laquo; ayfonyraquo; laquo; Geroevraquo;, digestible representatives Command amp; Conquer, Myst, Caesar, Fallout, at last! We would, without batting an eye, gave a qualitative re-favorite games, and 15, and $ 20. And yet fans laquo; oldskularaquo is certain there will be many.

, however, does not necessarily operate past achievements. On iOS and Android will be periodically laquo; vystrelivatraquo; kazualki great, no doubt, there will be new editions of the classics (Baldur s Gate on the way), as well as independent and successful projects with new names. And, as always, all this will be among the hundreds of thousands of useless apps for $ 1 from independent studios.

This market should in no way touch the PS Vita and 3DS mdash; only from Sony and Nintendo depends on the success of their own platforms. If the company cancels monitor the quality of projects and no longer provide laquo; privilegirovannostraquo; their clubs mdash; then devices will start to lose popularity. But by itself the market with her, we can say a niche audience of buyers is not going anywhere.

But both segments will coexist simultaneously, do not interfere with each other. One is enough for a couple kazualochek subway stations, while others need sophisticated and elaborate games with uncompromising control via physical keys. Of course, members of the second category is much less than the first, but it’s not a big problem for the holders of the consoles. At least in the next few years mdash; exactly.

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