Dead or Alive 5 is slightly further away from the canons. review

Game tested on PlayStation 3

Main reason for most of the male players have always loved the series Dead or Alive, it seems, need not be explained. Not to say that the popular fighting game from Team Ninja once was too vulgar, mdash; enough for this and other games. And yet not recognize the beauty of heroines, to say the least, difficult. Candid outfits allowed to consider a perfect figure, breast girls deliberately jumped up and down, and a special feature on the menu even allows you to adjust this setting. Unfortunately, Dead or Alive 5 lost not only an amusing fad in the settings, but several other, more valuable finds.

Found motive to fight

The game is no longer a puzzle that needs to piece together. To see a complete picture of the history in the past often had to pass campaign for each soldier individually. History-it was one, but any of the participants saw the events from his perspective. This approach gave rise to the writers in the head by a lot of questions. Now instead of beautiful and pre-painted splash we show videos on the game engine, and a bone of contention for all the characters is a clone, codenamed laquo; Alpha-152raquo;, escaped from the company laquo; Doatekraquo.; Want to catch him several parties mdash; and ninja clans, and military organization, and other people with their own interests.

Course, even though the events, there is always a reason to fight. Two friends on the ship, drinking a beer, be sure to kick up a row because of a motorcycle and nabyut each other face. And then, as if nothing had happened, go have fun in the bar. Sparring in the ring, too, has not been canceled, because you should always keep in shape mdash; especially with rivals. As before, there is a famous among the men on the Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Hayate, Russian mercenaries Byman and professional wrestler Bass Armstrong. In appendage authors added three characters from the series Virtua Fighter, among which there is a Chinese martial arts master Akira Yuki.

However, male characters mostly dry lose charming heroines. Maybe it has its beauty? Each of the girls, whether the German-Japanese karate teacher Hitomi or Kasumi Ninja, use violent moves and just combine different techniques. Geisha Kokoro, as in previous parts, great fights feet and restlersha Tina Armstrong can well laquo; prizhechraquo; opponent with his fist. As usual, for each character, you can choose completely different clothes. Initially, all the men give only two sets of the form, and after passing through the single player campaign will be available in the menu on the four options.

heart of the battle

Practically all the characters move just like in past games. Animation has not changed, and combinations are the same as before. A big plus for the connoisseur series, because they are again able to lay opponents in online battles, not memorizing new laquo; boevkuraquo.; It is true that a successful battle more often based on random and unpredictable attacks, rather than the clever combination of buttons gamepad. With block characters can fight back, not only from simple strokes (and even catch them), but also to build on takeovers. And build beautiful sets attacks have sometimes with just one button.

Authors have introduced a new system of Power Blow, which literally saves the character, if his health seriously deteriorated. Thanks to new players, sensing the approach of loss, can make specially-prepared attack. And with Critical Burst enemy can be stunned and downright repulsed from the walls, like a soccer ball. Returning combat mode Tag Match, developers little diversified Dead or Alive 5. As in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, we are allowed to choose their two fighters mdash; wounded sent to the reserve and slowly cured and have not beaten the hero enters the ring. With the right key combination two characters may hold joint receptions. Curiously, at the same characters every time appear on stage in different ways.

Natural fights

Company Team Ninja not departed from tradition and did not dress the characters static. Gradually begin to wear bright, though not much, but torn, on a flat surface tissues appear hole, and the body itself fighters sweat and covered the fall of dust and dirt. But the spirit is prezhnemunbsp, much more exciting interactive arena in which the event takes place. The battle in the ring, surrounded by an electrical grid, mdash; yet interesting. Of course, pushing the opponent to the high-obstacle, you can take away from him a good part of the scale of health, and then finish off the vile, but other locations are often more interesting cases.

Example, in construction of the enemy can be overturned by metal beams, followed by a fall in the mountain material. Everywhere explode messily placed barrels of fuel, and electrical panels scatter blue sparks. A circus show from one cell to another Tigers run across, and around the brightly lit burning hoops. In appendage authors made it possible to throw the opponent to the ground floor. In general, fighting opponents in Dead or Alive 5 clearly have hard times.

No modern fighting game is complete without a repeat of fighting, but the authors of Dead or Alive 5 went a step further and allow users to put their notes to pause, take screenshots and even added to the game integrated with Facebook. All these extra features, however, can not replace the missing characters (there are only twenty) and will not affect a small number of techniques from the fighters. But every laquo; bonusraquo; definitely deserves attention. In general, the new fighting game from Team Ninja certainly might upset some of the most loyal fans of the previous games, but very pleasant to beginners.


  • good training mode;
  • beautiful characters;
  • still exciting combat system.


  • weak plot;
  • small number of available troops;
  • game was visually realistic.

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