Darksiders II to give birth intentions. review

And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and its rider, whose name laquo; Smertraquo;;and hell followed with himand given power over a fourth of the earth mdash;kill with sword, and with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth …Otkr.6 :7-8

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Biblical HORSEMEN has long been the object of flirtation from popular culture, be it a movie, book or video game. Possible, especially not straining to remember a lot of projects where somehow beat them or give the appearance of sending varying directness. But here’s games, where riders assigned a central role, until recently, not at all. We can recall except a promising horror shooter Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which, unfortunately, untraceable passed into oblivion after his studio to develop 3DO.

In this respect the creation of the Texas debut studio Vigil Games became really interesting experience thanks to its history. The hero of which was published in 2010 Darksiders game was not any repentant warrior (see Dante s Inferno) or poludemon in a red cloak, and most that neither is a terrible rider, on a fiery red horse and in-oh-oh-oh -of this sword, mdash; War. Just a little departing from the canonical description of the messengers of doom, the developers have created an interesting and exciting action game amusement entourage, warmly received by the public and downright asking for fouling at least another three parts. During the third and fourth, we will not tell you, but here’s a full sequel was already the world. And you know what? He turned out just first class.

brother for brother

Darksiders II storyline, though indirectly develops, but is closely linked to the history of the original. As you remember, the Apocalypse on Earth came early, humanity became extinct, and the witness for maintaining balance in the world Charred Council hung all the dogs on one of the riders mdash; War. The hero, of course, their honor restored, and the perpetrators punished (everyone who did not pass the first part, mdash; running to catch up), but it was already then. And now we have to be in the shoes of his brother War mdash; Death. Pale Rider, on learning of the charges imposed on the brother, vowed to find evidence that could justify it. True, he is going to do very very uncharacteristic of his status way mdash; raised the human race. This can only be a mysterious source of Souls, but no one promised to get to it would be easy. And death is thrown into Forging Earth, the ancient home of the Creator that forged the worlds in their crucibles. However, this fantasy laquo; planetostroyraquo, are far from being his best time mdash; mysterious attack called Corruption (Corruption) slowly absorbs the world, to defile and perverting its very essence. And now, to get to the Tree of Life, which rises in the distance, the rider has to face not only with the creatures of this infection, but the ghosts of his own dark past that he would prefer to forget for a long time.

Game from the first frame for the player throws out a lot of new and useful information for the overall development. For example, the introductory video explains the origin of the horse and how they became the arbiters of the will of the Council (the Council about the still not a word.) Appeared storyteller who every time you start the game briefly recalls the recent events mdash; sort laquo; earlier Darksidersraquo;, mdash; accompanying this beautiful sketches. Along the way you will meet some familiar characters from previous installments like a pretty angelic or demonic warrior Uriel Vulgrima huckster, and announced new heroes. Overall, the story turned out pretty fun, but in a global sense, it will not be of special importance. However, everything in its place will put the third part, which is to be or not mdash; yet an open question.

One only pastoral Blacksmithing Lands it will not be, because, as one would say of ancient Eydard, laquo; Tree mdash; this is only the gate to other worlds, and your stay there only nachnetsyaraquo.; Indeed, later death will go down in the Kingdom of the dead, walk under his lifeless sky, and even move to the post-apocalyptic Earth. In this case, each world will get unique and original mdash; thanks to designers. Although nothing radically new they do not come up with a familiar archetypes ears, it does not detract from the pleasure of traveling through the people here uncharted latitudes.

Our hero will meet throughout the various creatures mdash; living and not only willing to bestow Horseman some grim prophecy or lay on his shoulders, his immediate problems. The trouble is that most of these orders come to one of two things: either to collect a certain number of units needed some creepy character stuff, or calculate a particularly steep and kill a named monster. Many of these quests are performed directly on the plot, and the rewards are usually worth, so stay altruistic and help those who suffer the rider, we believe, will not be ashamed.

Safari edge demons

For all primary

Gender Darksiders first part refers to a typical slasher, except that the acrobatic and puzzle-solving various occupied part of the time is not less than the actual shredding monsters into a fine mince. Sequel is the sum of the factors is much closer to the genre of Action-RPG, appearing sort of fantasy analogue of Hellgate: London. Retaining all the best from the first part, the game has acquired many new features, which made it even better.

The first catches the eye almost a full-fledged role-playing system. We now have a strip of experience and thirty levels for laquo; rostaraquo career, our rider, and with them, and a bunch of various parameters such as health, rage, protection, damage per second, the resistance and the like. Each level increase not only brings extra charge to those characteristics, but also provides skill points, suitable for attachment to one of the two branches of skills. First mdash; purely military skills to break into a crowd of enemies and effectively crush all the cabbage, and making it nice and bright with lots of special effects. While the latter specializes in call assistants and their improvement. If used skills of both branches are equally useful, especially given the fact that the battle became a little more complicated. Death did not jock-bodybuilder, and at worst scenario could die from one or two very powerful punches. Restores health of the soul is no longer flying out of everyone he met, and the amount transferred potions are strictly limited, so you have to rely on the whole spectrum of the rider. In addition, no harm is zahazhivat to coaches and for a fee to learn new fighting techniques.

Another typical role-playing game has become inventory, filled as travel fairly easy come good. After the death of his enemies now fall down all the elements of equipment and weapons, as well as gold, and in such quantities that by the middle of the game an economic issue falls off completely. Familiar objects are divided by color gradation and possess various bonuses mdash; nothing new. Except that you can distinguish red, obsessive weapon that can laquo; skarmlivatraquo, rubbish and so well is pumped.

And although a full RPG Darksiders II mdash; hikers to Mars, the game tries hard to be like her. Comes to fun mdash; developers have added to the game, even fashionable nowadays laquo; interactive krugraquo, so now Death can just stand and talk about everyday with the local inhabitants of the worlds. Value in this story is no, but a nice little thing.

Individual songs mdash; puzzle, since the first part of which became essential attribute of gameplay. Each local castle dungeon sure is a maze with a bunch of locks, devices, acrobatic pieces and the like. Many walking, just to get in possession of a particular device. Some of them carried over from the original, except that changing laquo; imidzhraquo, while others are completely new mdash; example, laquo; otrecheniyaraquo stone, with which you can command the Lords defeated the undead, or the ability to bifurcation. Puzzles themselves are basic, except that with the number of them is sometimes too much. Seriously, forty minutes jumping and running on the walls of one hour of play mdash; this is too much.

Death is

In fact, developers are rarely able to surpass the original game continuation. Vigil Games have succeeded. Darksiders II was head and shoulders above its predecessor in almost every sense mdash; it more diverse and interesting. Yes, sometimes it is tedious. Of course, acrobatics could be partly sacrificed for the sake of action, and slightly cartoonish style poorly fit with the image of the terrible horsemen of the Apocalypse. But all this mdash; mere trifle that can not spoil the fun of the game.

Finally. Publisher THQ now in a rather precarious position, and leadership seriously thinking to give up some game lines, as happened with the Red Faction. One of the candidates for the title of laquo; weak zvenaraquo, number and Darksiders. Recently, we have seen in the industry a lot of stupid actions, and if the boss did THQ will put a guilty verdict and will not give way the third part, which is here and asks, they can be easily rank as the face of the idiots (hello, miss the goldfish Activision! ). And death is unlikely to want to justify them …


  • interesting story;
  • vigorous and diverse gameplay;
  • role system came to the place;
  • amazing, diverse and well-filled worlds;
  • wonderful music;
  • longer duration;
  • nice complexity.


  • mediocre graphics;
  • repetitive side quests;
  • defective PC-version.

LocalizationAs is the case with the first part, interpreters of laquo; Bukiraquo, fully adapted to the uninformed Darksiders II in English players. Overall, the results came out pretty well. The text is translated correctly and skillfully, to all sorts of names have no complaints. The voice actors dubbing also picked mostly quite well (though, in truth, to broadcast in the original voice of Denis fingerless war looked much more convincing this rider), but the age-old problem of under-and overacting, alas, is still there. It is extremely rare that any lost line of subtitles, but the problem is not so striking to spoil the experience.Evaluation of localization: 7

Hack as it isOn the second call, the developers of the Vigil Games have decided not to torment the followers PC as a gaming platform many months waiting for the release of the appropriate version of a time with console brethren. I would like to thank them for it, but that’s not, if they wanted to. And the reason is very shabby porting games.Recognized as the creators of the cause troubles PC-version is the lack of a release version build of some configuration files that marvelous way lost in the process. Like it or not, it is difficult to verify, but the fact remains that the computer version came out very moist. At the time of writing, the developers have released two patches that solve the most critical problems of games like turning off the computer (!) When selecting save slot, broken vertical sync function or inactive keys, but even after that work remains mdash; through the roof. Advanced graphics, high resolution textures, solving the problems of text mdash; this player yet to be seen. The first part of his like lewdness not allowed.

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