Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux), a well-known game developer, the conference PC and indie games Rezzed, which took place in the English city of Brighton, has announced the release date of his first independent game. Project Curiosity, according to him, will be released August 22 on iOS, Android and personal computers.

In the World Cup will be the essence of the new game Molyneux is not yet known. The author says that the idea of the project is very valuable and important. laquo; She is so amazing that I think will be in the news esch otchtahraquo;, mdash; developer said.

Recall that in March the Fable series creator left the company Lionhead Studios and soon after started his own studio called 22 Cans. The goal is to create 22 different digital laquo; eksperimentovraquo;.