Curiosity game experiment from Peter Molyneux postponed until September

Recently discovered that the game experiment Curiosity from Peter Molyneux (Peter Molyneux) has been postponed until September. The fact that the project is delayed, it was learned from a fresh trailer for the game. In the video zadatsya question: laquo; Can I collect the entire world together to answer one question? What is inside the cube? Raquo;.

Essence of the game is to beat the cube, which consists of 60,000 parts mdash; so one of the first million players will be able to know what is inside the cube. Split it with pickaxes will be sold at a price of 50 cents. For the most generous players will provide diamond pickaxe, which cost will be $ 77 thousand mdash; such tools, of course, will be much stronger.

Molyneux said that the inside of the cube players expect something that will completely change their lives. Of target platforms Curiosity mdash; iOS, Android and PC.