Crysis game announced 3

The company Electronic Arts confirmed the data on the development of blockbuster Crysis 3. It happened shortly after the web, a host of rumors about the imminent announcement.

Formal announcement of Crysis 3 preceded many rumors. For example, the information leaked by the screenshot store Origin. Data quickly removed from EAs online store, but they managed to fix. For the development of Crysis 3 also recently hinted images published on the cover of Swedish publication GameReactor. The figure was captured a mysterious character in the canonical Nanosuit. He was carrying some sort of futuristic bow.

Fresh batch of rumors have appeared on the site MadFanBoy. They relate to the place of action and platforms that will play. Rumor has it that the project gamers will visit nearly destroyed New York. After the events of the second part of this metropolis will become a real jungle. Thus, in the setting of a shooter virtually connect the original and the sequel.

According to unconfirmed reports, Crysis 3 will be released on PC and consoles in the spring of 2013.