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Honestly, the original author of this review was set very skeptical of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. On the one hand, it was sad for the classic Counter-Strike 1.6, and on the other mdash; extremely not want to repeat the lick Counter-Strike: Source. The reality, thankfully, was more rosy.

plus to minus

Many have dubbed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive laquo; second Counter-Strike: Sourceraquo;, but this is not so. Total two games really have mdash; engine called Source. He, of course, the most recent Global Offensive spill, but the point is that Counter-Strike: Source Valve was an unsuccessful attempt to modernize the popular multiplayer game and kiberdistsiplinu mdash; Counter-Strike 1.6. Last valued (and continue to appreciate) in the world is not a realistic model, but for the gameplay. Adherents of Counter-Strike 1.6 does not matter what the player models often fail, get stuck in the walls, and sometimes even take levitating position a la Neo from laquo; Matritsyraquo.; The essence of the success of Counter-Strike 1.6 mdash; adjusted weapon balance two opposing sides, classic, an attention to the last box card podsadok shot and opportunity, and the constant grinding of skill players. If you do not want to be a supplier of kills needed to hone their skills in the possession of any weapons, improve shooting accuracy, learn tricks to know the most running maps on servers, and finally learn to think strategically, ahead of a rival for one or even two turns.

Course srazu dobitsyanbsp, perfection is impossible. Already, many innovations Global Offensive cause the old guard legitimate questions. Where, for example, sprays, which in Counter-Strike 1.6 so loved to put on all the surface of the card game? There is no such useful things as a visual display of sight to the selection of the latter. Really annoying reminders that part of the menu, where you change the graphics settings on the advanced level. It happens every once in each sub! Like, change this setting improves the graphics, but bad for the overall performance. Really it was impossible to make these lines to the top of a reminder, since without this in any way?

Questions voprosyhellip, are many. For example, now you can not select a group laquo; vnutriraquo, terrorists or counter-terrorists. Recall that the warring factions in the game were presented four options, which included various terrorist groups or units of special forces. Almost every player was a favorite model. Now offered only the choice of the parties.

Serious bias in kazualschinu significantly tarnished the image of the former veteran kiberdistsipliny. Very naive look phrases and hints at the time the map is loaded, even if this statement by Winston Churchill, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery. A hint like laquo; stenamraquo shoot at, or laquo; reasonably work out pokupkiraquo; suggest harmful activities in the team Valve Captain Obvious.

But the wildest thing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the reward system. A lot of them (over a hundred), and they are given for the most trudnovoobrazimye feats. You can get a medal, winning ten rounds, with his one hundred bombs, killing 25 enemies, rescuing 500 hostages and so on. All successful actions of the player are stored on the server, where you can find out how much is still left to kill / lay / release to laquo; vozhdelennoyraquo; awards. Well, times have changed and leadership Valve benefits to the maximum. This also applies to the zombie mode mdash; now the civilized world obsessed with the walking dead.

laquo; Letsie Go, May frendz! raquo;

Perhaps the most positive thing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the atmosphere. Processed sound system kontrterroristov terrorists, as well as external sounds (for example, the noise of the helicopter that landed commandos, or the sound of a moving locomotive map de_train) create a unique atmosphere, against which the struggle between opposing forces generate exceptionally exciting. Nevertheless, after some half an hour to get used to the game completely role fighter. The terrorists have finally got their laquo; golosraquo, and now you do not hear from the mouth of the bandits phrases: laquo; Cover me! Raquo; or laquo; Roger thatraquo;, spoken clearly and cleanly. When next there is an appeal, in broken English: laquo; Letsie Go, May frendz! Raquo;, you feel like a real member of the band.

It is the right step

Developers mdash; decision to leave some way sounds from Counter-Strike 1.6. And this, of course, made not out of greed or laziness. Elements of the former public address signal of continuity and allow many millions of players feel more comfortable in the new game. By the way, talking to players from your friends list, yours truly found out that they also liked the soundtrack. Opinion of the author of this review, however, the other mdash; playing Counter-Strike should no accompanying music.

As fizikihellip, it is in the game. And no matter how it is worse / better physics Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3. For series games Counter-Strike is not categorically that physical objects on the map do not break or become a sieve after the machine gun. For example, on one of the cards in Demolition mode chicken carcass was found on the wall, in which the author of those words for a minute amount of ammunition discharged from the AK-47. Introduction to the CS: Source gives confidence that bird smashed to pieces, but there it was mdash; chicken was reinforced, as many others, including a nearby bicycle. And so what? The main thing in Counter-Strike mdash; shoot more kills and thus manage to stay alive for the next round, and do not scatter in all directions barrels.

But the new character models come at an opportune moment, given the virtual uniforms worn out fighters Counter-Strike 1.6. Get lost in a wall of bodies is not seen, but often the characters move like Michael Jackson in his best performance laquo; lunar pohodkiraquo.; Glitches still have povylavlivat.

weapon for battle!

Got the impression that virtually the entire arsenal Global Offensive was significantly more accurate and destructive. Now the cheapest starting pistol Glock 18 is available to both parties, and it is more serious in itself laquo; klassikeraquo.; P2000 pistol at kontrterroristov too bad, but no worse than the old USP, and removed it in vain. Still inexpensive, but Valya elephant ran Desert Eagle lost their deadly qualities, in addition learning to spit out bullets faster.

Select shotguns expanded from two to three positions in each side: common to all Nova and XM1014, and the gun and Mag-7 for laquo; terrorovraquo, and laquo; kontrovraquo, respectively. Of submachine guns appeared PP-Bizon, and MP7 and MP9 should brighten lack MP5 Navy. By the way, in the horn Bizon 64 rounds (total 120), and in the melee weapon is very terrible.

Accurate and convenient to use was the legendary laquo; kalashraquo, and because experienced players know how capricious the AK-47 in the inept hands because of the strong variation of bullets. And only with experience comes an understanding of how to deal with this terrible weapon near, medium and long battle. Experience battles in the Counter-Strike 1.6 not be in vain, especially given the increasing accuracy of the favorite guns of terrorists.

Curious sight at sniper rifles, including the legendary AWP. He’s walking a little closer picture, slightly removes, simulating swinging in his hand. In addition, the optics to make a more realistic mdash; slightly clouded and stained. But to treat the sniper has become much easier mdash; in Counter-Strike 1.6 all of them, except for the Scout (he was replaced by SSG 08), were bulky and slowly recharged.

Big surprise for experienced players in Counter-Strike is the lack of mufflers. This, of course, shaped mess, but to return the item back to the developers are not going to. Well, let’s make a noise.

And by the way of high-profile stunts mdash; Global Offensive in the three classic grenades added two more: laquo; Molotovaraquo cocktail, and garnet-bait. Molotov cocktails are very widely used on the web server, but no special advantages or disadvantages they have. Say, usually a bottle break in traffic areas, while wanting to keep the enemy breakthrough. However, near the arch or gate players and so many are afraid to move forward, at the risk of running into a sniper, grenade or a stray bullet. Therefore it is difficult to say how the blazing fire will prevent the enemy to make an attack.

As grenade bait, its essence is that it is a few seconds sounds laquo; obmannyhraquo; shots. Maybe one of the players and blew such a grenade, but during the fight, when the number of machines constantly scribbling, click guns, sniper uhayut grenades and tear, you can not identify the bait. And after the break any grenades located near the player a few seconds troitsya in the eyes and is tinnitus. Yes, it adds realism, but in those moments you feel defenseless and extremely uncomfortable.

But the menu

Buy weapons to get easy mdash; it is represented as a circle divided into sectors. When selecting a particular sample on the right shows the price and main features. Admittedly, very convenient. But at Valve have gone further and purchase of arms combined with the acquisition of ammunition, so that he would not have to worry about buying a separate cartridges for the gun and the main weapon.

Where am I?

Heated debates on the web called, of course, updated maps: de_dust, de_dust II, de_aztec, de_train, de_inferno, de_nuke, cs_office and other classics. Criticism, in particular, have undergone changes regarding podsadok places and shelters. Yes, many of the usual places devoid of drawers, where everything is so fond of hiding. However, the maps have some shelter mdash; both new and modified old. This gives rise to new experiences, making re-scrutinize the map. Map de_train surprised at all the new architecture, particularly in the revival of terrorism: there appeared secluded places to hide in the walls and the stairs on the left. The only updated map, which so far is rejected, mdash; is de_inferno. Apparently, they inadvertently laquo; skrestiliraquo c cs_italy, why de_inferno lost even the visible features of recognition, in return hens running around the fountain with fish at point A, and other aesthetic excesses.

And changed the path of the on the cards, why have experienced players at first may be a state of mild shock. Say, the terrorists de_aztec stripped back approach to the water, and on de_dust developers a bridge between the exit of the tunnel to a favorite place of terrorist snipers from the Special Forces.

Hoping for the best

Thus, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive turned completely new game mdash; this continuation of the legendary series, not turning inside. Sun changed from maps and weapons to the points system. Latter are now enrolled in the system, which is called football or hockey laquo; goal plus pasraquo.; This means that in the table there was a graph laquo; Assistentraquo, where Scoring is for the player to help kill the enemy collaborator. Good innovation and encourages players to act.

Seems that Valve really tried to consider the wishes of many players and beta testers. Of course, along with the positive aspects in the Global Offensive has a lot of controversial. But personally, for all the author’s shortcomings Global Offensive easily compensated atmosphere and gameplay. Addictive game, to come back after it to Counter-Strike 1.6 no longer want mdash; after Counter-Strike: Source was naoborothellip Sun, We hope that in time the developers will correct some glaring flaws (for example, add silencers and sprays will remove the grenade-blende) and then play in the last iteration of the classics is not only exciting, but just nice.


  • atmosphere of reality;
  • completely revised and updated arsenal;
  • convenient menu arms purchases;
  • built into the game bots;
  • four game modes: race, the usual, the destruction of the object, the arms race;
  • separate sound system terrorists and commandos.


  • obsessed developers of casual;
  • no mufflers;
  • some maps opponent merges with the terrain.

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