Contest applications for Windows 7: Actual Multiple Monitors

Contest laquo; Best applications for Windows 7raquo;, held laquo; Microsoft Rossiyaraquo, together with our website, came to the finish line. New applications are no longer accepted, but we have not had time to acquaint our readers with all the programs that have received the status of the best applications of the week. The winner of this week – program to work with multiple monitors, Actual Multiple Monitors.

Maybe ten years ago, a computer with two or more monitors was something almost incredible and worthy unless the job Bill Gates. However, as time passed, the monitors began to take on the table much less space and with it much cheaper. In addition, many after a planned upgrade of the remaining old displays that work quite regularly. So why not use them to your work area with two or more monitors?

Despite the fact that all modern versions of Windows, there is support for multiple monitors, everyone who tried rabotatnbsp, in this mode, agree that the default behavior of the functions is not enough. And since it is impossible to use the additional monitors as you want, the overall efficiency will certainly decrease. Well, Actual Multiple Monitors – this is the program that does the work of two or more monitors to really comfortable.

Program is distributed in two versions: a free, where there is some opportunity, and paid. A full comparison of editions available at this link. To understand whether or not to pay for shareware-version, you can work with Actual Multiple Monitors in trial mode, where for 30 days includes all options.

After installing Actual Multiple Monitors on each of the connected monitor taskbar appears, and (by the user) other familiar desktop items: menu laquo; Puskraquo;, the notification area, which contains application icons. Taskbar on each monitor can be either a copy of the system tray, or have its own set of shortcuts. Own taskbar, create applications that support all features available in the Windows default group icons on the taskbar and system tray clock display with the ability to call laquo; Kalendaryaraquo;, extra toolbars (laquo; Quick zapuskraquo, and the like) . Windows 7 users may find an extra task bar usual function laquo; Lock Panel zadachraquo; (Pin), click laquo; stolraquo Show Desktop, and moving the cursor to the label – see sketch window of the relevant application. Another useful feature – support for each monitor to switch between applications via keyboard shortcut Alt-Tab.

Depending on the settings you choose, each monitor can be either laquo; kopieyraquo, mostly when it shows all the same shortcuts and windows, or a completely independent.

For each monitor selected resolution and your desktop background, which can be either static or changing (slide show). In addition, each display can be a separate screen saver.

Actual Multiple Monitors adds a new button in the title bar. With their help, you can quickly move the selected window to one of the available monitors, expand the window on all of the available screen space, and return to its original size. If you constantly work with any application on a second monitor, you can configure it to start automatically on it.

Supports laquo; klavishiraquo hot, with which you can drag the window to the other monitor, move the mouse to the next or the primary monitor, lock the mouse inside the display, reverse the order of labels, and so on. To quickly switch between monitors can be used not only the keyboard, but a mouse. One-click application windows can be placed on the next or previous screen.

Actual Multiple Monitors can be saved as profiles different monitor configurations, including setting permissions, desktop themes, screen saver, and so on. This can be useful for those who have from time to time the number of monitors connected to your computer (for example, laptop users sometimes connect the external display).

Create the required number of profiles, you can quickly switch between them as needed, using the program icon in the system tray. As for different display configurations can be saved and then restored order icons on the desktop.

All settings can be saved as a ZIP-archive, and later restored from a backup. In the main menu Actual Multiple Monitors is also a team to quickly send the archive settings for e-mail. The program can be stopped quickly, not closing, and then run again.

The Actual Multiple Monitors, there are some interesting options, which, although not directly related to the work with multiple monitors, but do work with Windows applications much easier. For example, when you move a window with the mouse over the title, you can enable the emulation functions Aero Snap in Windows 7, as well as the classic mode laquo; prilipaniyaraquo, windows to the borders of the desktop.


Actual Multiple Monitors – this is a very useful program that allows you to take a fresh look at the possibilities of working with multiple monitors. So, if you’re tired of dragging the mouse cursor from one monitor to another to press laquo; Puskraquo, or whether you have come to the conclusion that the old CRT monitor, gathering dust in the corner, it can be used as an extra, try to work with This interesting application.

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