Contest applications for Windows 7: a set of widgets for your desktop HTC Home

HTC Home application is the third week of the competition laquo; Best applications for Windows 7raquo;, which is held laquo; Microsoft Rossiyaraquo, together with our website. The program was highlighted among others by supporting the new Windows 7 interface features and stylish appearance, a la HTC Sense.

HTC Home does not apply to the program, of which we can say that one can not do without them. Strictly speaking, no important function, it does not carry. On the other hand, it is often the most laquo; bespoleznyeraquo, applications get the greatest popularity because, unlike specialized products are designed for a broad audience.

So, what is the HTC Home? This is – a free set of widgets for Windows 7, including clocks, pictures and weather. Widgets are made in the style of the user interface HTC Sense, so the owners of HTC mobile devices may be a slight deja vu.

All three widgets are different beautiful graphics, so they are even nice to place on your desktop. Once installed, they behave quite modest – just added to the desktop shortcut for three. Running the default widget is not on top, but when you switch to another application, you can only see the taskbar.

Way, excellent support for new features of Windows 7 task bar – one of the features of HTC Home. So, looking at the weather widget icon is running, you can see the current temperature, and clicking the icon, right-click – to quickly switch to other widgets. Icon, by the way, can be easily disabled if you think her presence in the task bar undesirable.

Basic widgets called by right-clicking. You can dock the current application on the screen, set it on top, get weather updates, and go to the settings window. For each widget, you can change size and transparency, and to include it with the automatic loading of Windows.


By default, this widget shows the current system time, but in its settings, you can specify any other time zone. In addition, possible to control the format of the date and time by selecting one of several options proposed.

Hours immediately after the analog displays, as in the movie laquo; surkaraquo Day, but you can change the style of their show and look at the real clock. One of the styles simultaneously displays two dials: one- current time, and on the other – Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

There are also a number of styles that show the time and the weather at the same time. When choosing a style for the weather to specify your current location (even if it has been done before for a weather widget). This combined style is very effective – the clouds (if present in the sky at the moment) floated right on the clock.

Addition to information about the current temperature and the maximum temperature for today, may display panel with the weather forecast for the next four days.


Possible weather widget generally repeat the Multiple previous widget style, so it is primarily intended for those who do not want to see on your desktop the current time, preferring to watch only the weather.

This widget is also available for a number of styles that are different presence information panel with enhanced projection and size of the widget. In the settings you can enable display of wind speed and humidity, as well as displaying the perceived rather than the actual temperature. This may be necessary, for example, in the winter, when a strong wind perceived temperature can be much lower than what the thermometer indicates. In addition, the weather settings set the refresh rate and display settings of temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) and wind speed (in kilometers per hour, miles per hour or meters per second).

Default for weather information provider is used MSN, but on the settings tab Extras can be connected and other providers, for example, Weather Channel or GisMeteo. This will require a download add-ons that you can download for free from On the same page you can find some other interesting additions, such as sets of sounds and animations for the weather.


Third widget, which is part of the HTC Home, – it’s Photos. It is designed to display a slide show of selected photos. To have it work you need to go to settings and select the folder where your photos are stored. It should be borne in mind that the images that are in nested directories will also be displayed. Interestingly, the widget displays the photos in a rough pile, and you can see the corner of the picture that appears on the screen as follows.

The default size of the widget is not very big, but it can be managed. In addition, the adjusted rate of change of images – from one minute to two hours. Images can be displayed in a random order or in a circle.

By clicking on the widget, right-click, you can quickly set the current picture as your desktop wallpaper. A double click on the widget will open the photo in full screen in the viewing application installed on your system by default.

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