Contest applications for Windows 7: a free utility for network scanning Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is the fourth week of the competition application laquo; Best applications for Windows 7raquo;, which is held laquo; Microsoft Rossiyaraquo, together with our website. The program was highlighted among others because it involves many new features in Windows 7, including integrated support for Wi-Fi. This useful and free tool for system administrators won a small victory in the competition just before the Day of sysadmin, which, recall, held this year on July 30.

Advanced IP Scanner – a free network utility, created by laquo; Famatekraquo, which is well known for its solution for remote administration of Radmin. The main purpose of Advanced IP Scanner ndash; scan the network and the provision of information about the connected computers in a convenient way.

Many large institutions and small office work depends entirely on how well tuned workflow within the corporate network. All of this falls on the shoulders of the system administrator, who must monitor the operation of the network, check the availability of shared resources.

In addition, during the process, network adapters, routers, and other devices that are necessary to change and control the IP-addresses of the users that are assigned by the system. This routine work sysadmin program Advanced IP Scanner will be most welcome. This utility scans any network – LAN, VLAN, WLAN wireless networks and so on. The program also supports scanning device operating systems iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Linux.

Unlike analogies, and the standard of laquo; prozvonaraquo, networks, utility Advanced IP Scanner uses the multi-threaded scanning, which allows to query a large number of client machines in a relatively short time. To define the scan, you need to enter in the appropriate field values ??of range with a hyphen or a list IP-address, the workstation, separated by commas.

Verifying the range of IP-addresses, scan shows not only the detected IP-address and the names of the remote computers, but also provides information about the unique identifier network interface – MAC-address. The report Advanced IP Scanner can display all discovered devices, only on or just switching off. For convenience, they can be sorted on any basis: on the status, the computer name, IP-address, MAC-address, and so on.

Scanning area is not limited to public resources in the internal network, the application also supports scanning of HTTP and FTP. If the computers found discovered FTP-server, HTTP-server or folder to which granted total access, you can open the resource directly from the Advanced IP Scanner.

Using the shortcut menu you can remotely shutdown (if they support the Wake-On-LAN) or shut down the device that is selected in the utility.

The context menu can also be quickly copied to the clipboard information on any computer: the status of the computer name, IP-address, MAC-address, or all at once. For folders that open access, in the context menu command Properties, and copy the path to the clipboard.


What resources will be scanned is specified in the program settings. Here it is possible to include an analysis of the resources and information that are disabled by default: HTTPS, user name, group names and NETBIOS. In addition, you can specify additional ports that will be scanned by the scan.

Main problem many utilities to scan the network – a very slow work. When you try to access network resources as a result of high CPU utilization report output of computers found slowing. In the Advanced IP Scanner, this problem is solved. At your computer, you can flexibly control the speed of scanning. With a special slider to find laquo; seredinuraquo gold, the balance between system performance and CPU usage. In addition, the utility lets you use the scan mode of network resources for which the accuracy of the available devices above, but the speed of information processing is much lower.

In large corporations, where the number of client computers can run into tens, and users often need to work with a group of IP-addresses, organizing subnet or VLAN. In this case, Advanced IP Scanner is convenient to use the option of the list of selected computers. Select one or more names in the list of available computers on the network, the administrator can use the context menu or button laquo; Add to Izbrannoeraquo, add them to a list to be displayed in a separate tab in the window.

Computers added to this list can be scanned separately from the rest. When you need to work with two, three or more groups, the favorite lists are stored in a separate file that can be loaded in the Advanced IP Scanner as needed.

As mentioned above, the program Advanced IP Scanner is made by the same developer as the program Radmin, which, incidentally, was the first application of the week in the competition laquo; Best applications for Windows 7raquo;. And despite the fact that the Advanced IP Scanner – this is a completely independent program, it has a direct bearing on the company’s flagship product laquo; Famatekraquo, in a sense, adding a well-known tool for remote administration.

The report, compiled by the Advanced IP Scanner according to the results of the scan displays information about the computers that already have the software for remote administration of laquo; Famatekraquo.; Right out of the application window, you can quickly start a remote administration via Radmin. To do this, the remote and local computer must have the appropriate tools – server and viewer (note that the viewer is free). The presence of Radmin on computers in a network opens up a host of additional features to the user Advanced IP Scanner. Possible directly from the utility window open a session Telnet, use text or voice chat to communicate with others, to transfer files to the remote computer.

Addition, you can quickly organize a session for remote administration by selecting a mode of observation or full computer control. When you click on the shortcut menu, need to enter the username and password for access to your computer and on the screen there will display a remote PC.

Overall, Advanced IP Scanner does not have any supernatural functionality, but can truly simplify the system administrator, and integration with Radmin greatly enhances the program, and most importantly, makes life even easier sysadmin.

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