Boris Red 5 video editor, which is not a blush

Annexes, which year after year keep ideology laid by developers with the first version, quite a bit. Windows, Photoshop, Corel – to list such laquo; konservativnyeraquo; applications have enough fingers of both hands. From version to version, they improved, added support for new laquo; zhelezaraquo;, improved interface, but the basic outline, the basic principles of the program remain unchanged. Today we will talk about one of these applications – video editor from the company Boris Red Boris FX. This is not just a video editor, it – one of the best tools for video processing.

Boris Red – is a program that captures the very first minutes of the meeting. Surprisingly logical structure of a video editor allows you to instantly join in the work, even if you do not realize the full potential of the program and did not have time laquo; prochuvstvovatraquo; tools. User intuitively understands what part of the application to look for a setting or an appropriate tool.

Boris Red – is a completely self-contained video editor, which can be used for all stages of editing. If you examine the possibilities of this wonderful program, you can see that it contains all the necessary video processing – from color correction to the image stabilization.

Yet from the very beginning of its existence, the program was positioned as an auxiliary tool for processing video. Being essentially a standalone application, Boris Red has never claimed to be the main tool for video editing, offering users a seamless integration with the already familiar video editing from such well-known companies such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Grass Valley, Media 100, and Sony.

Niche occupied by Boris Red in the software market for video, aptly chosen: visual effects have been, are and will be in demand. What is the difference between Boris Red by other means to simulate the visual effects? If we try to formulate an answer in two words, it – opportunities that are limited only by imagination of the user. To understand what it means laquo; wide vozmozhnostiraquo, with the program to get started.

Stability and performance

Demand for video applications today is large enough, and this is not surprising. Technology is becoming more accessible and better, so many rush to buy it and try yourself as Spielberg. Relevance of programs to work with digital video has led to a large number of low-quality software. Sometimes even well-known manufacturers and users in a hurry please let frankly laquo; syryeraquo, and poorly tested software that is already closed when importing clips and make tightly laquo; visnutraquo; computer.

But it is certainly not about Boris Red. One of the features of the program – a stable job. It is worth recalling that the engine begins to develop a storyboard that at the time when the performance of the computers was much lower. Imposition of special effects to the video – it is a complex process that requires significant hardware resources. Accordingly, when creating visualization algorithms Boris Red Engine programmers paid particular attention to optimizing the use of resources available to the program.

Example, Boris Red has multiple preview modes, designed for rapid evaluation of the finished project. The program can use memory, placing the results of the preliminary calculation. Preview can be laquo; oblegchennymraquo – video editor allows you to temporarily lower the frame rate is two to four times, and generate the result in memory.

Some visual effects

Boris Red is quite possible to repeat the standard means of some tools for video processing, for example, the same Adobe Premiere. However, their creation will take much more time (in fact need another smash his head on a combination of filters and masks to get the desired effect), and the project will be much more severe. Creating a similar effect in Boris Red, you can be completely confident that the treatment will not cause video tedious hang the program, even if the concept of a video effect is very complex and involves a great number of filters and tracks. Minimize the risk of a crash the application – a guarantee that the many hours of work did not sink into oblivion because of the unpleasant laquo; force mazhoraraquo;.

interface and basic features

The latest versions of

Boris Red was integral membrane – boundaries of individual windows can be changed, thereby selecting the optimal ratio of interface elements. In addition, the program supports a variety of options for the location of windows, each of which is suitable for certain types of tasks – creating titles, working with a particular group of effects and so on.

One who for the first time see the interface Boris Red, visual appearance is hardly surprising. Desktop with the timeline, the manager of multimedia data, which are used in the current project, the preview window and the area to control the settings of the applied tools – all this is quite expected things to the user, who considers himself above the beginner in video editing.

However, this simplicity is deceptive, and has proven to become evident to the extent that you begin to comprehend the possibility of Boris Red. For example, not every eminent video editor has the ability to manage an unlimited number of video layers. And Boris Red – please. What is the editor of filters will be in the hundreds without additional modules? In Boris Red such advantages can find a lot.

Take, for example, such an essential tool of any professional editor, as text. It is clear that in Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas, and in general any other professional editor, you can find tools for creating titles. Usually titles can be modified – customize your headset, resize labels, control font style, position and color of the text.

All can engage in Boris Red, but the latter does indeed create titles creative process. The text can apply many filters, making the inscription melt haze or disintegrate into separate fragments. In addition, a text attribute (and any other configuration objects in Boris Red) can be flexibly controlled – animate and set specific values ??for any time interval.

review tools

Video Editor contains a large number of different tools that can be divided into several categories.


This is one of the most important tools of the program groups. The composition of Boris Red includes a solid set of filters Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete, where you can find the effects on all occasions. In the screenshot below you can see only one of the groups of available effects.

How filtering works and what they can be very different – from the restoration and tracking to styling and creating various visual effects. In some cases, Boris Red can act as an interactive graphical editor. The program can create quick masks, can clone of acting like Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop.

Particular note filter designed to reduce noise. Even expensive cameras have a certain threshold, beyond which there are unpleasant artifacts in the form of a grainy appearance. This usually happens in bad shooting, when it is dark. Tool to reduce the noise from the clean image of this kind of defects, and does it quite carefully.

Vector elements and particles

Animated graphics – this is one of the main directions of the program. Motion graphics tools make it possible to create any kind of vector shapes and turn them into three-dimensional objects. By the way, the number of tools for creating three-dimensional effects Boris Red is approaching very real three-dimensional editor. The program can control the position of 3D-objects (as well as the orientation of the plane of layers), it is possible to use virtual light sources, and so on.

Another sign of the three-dimensional editor – can be used in projects of particle sources. The use of this tool can be very different – from the simulation of natural phenomena such as rain or snow, to create the effect of crumbling letters and others.

Transition Effects

The last large group of visual effects in the program – this transition effects. A user who works in Boris Red, saves a lot of time. In any other video editor has long juggling tools, creating a beautiful and memorable effect. In the video editor from the company Boris FX is much easier, because of an always have a huge library of templates. In this library, you can quickly find the best option of a transition effect, desired appearance, titles, animated gradients and more.


Program can work in two modes: static mode and animation. The latter allows you to add animated effects- it is based on the classical method of keyframing. User only needs to specify the value of the animated control parameter in the source and destination video site, and all intermediate values ??of the video editor will calculate itself. Transition effects, filters and other tools of the program contains an incredible amount of options. As a result, the total number of original visual effects that you can create in Boris Red, is infinite.

Key principle of animation is widely used, and this approach can be found in any major video editor. However, there is a significant difference between the animation in Boris Red, and any other program for editing.

First, opposite each animated parameter have the option to quickly select a dependence that characterizes the process of changing the value in the first keyframe to the second keyframe. For example, if you animate the brightness setting, depending on the selected values ??may affect the animation so that the brightness on the target as a variable in a linear fashion, with acceleration to deceleration, jumps, waves and so on.

Second, users access a useful tool, as the graph animation. It is needed in cases where the standard presets that determine the shape of the variation of the parameter animated over time, is not enough. Count animation serves to complex animation projects. It provides the ability to manually determine the shape of the graphic based variable parameter.


Creating his company is already back in 1995, the founder of the world famous brand Boris FX Boris Yamnitsky (Boris Yamnitsky) managed in a way to predict the future. To change the format, with new standards and, most importantly – the hardware capabilities of computers grew, but Boris Red was and remains one of the most popular tools in the creation of visual effects.

Professional video editor does not have to be complicated, and this is easily seen by trying to work with Boris Red. Of course, will have to spend some time out to deal with the numerous settings tools, but, believe me, the result is sure to meet your expectations.

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