Bitdefender has launched a beta test of independent parental control system

Bitdefender recently launched a beta version of the stand-alone application for parental control. Bitdefender Parental Control allows you to monitor the activity of minors in various fields mdash; from social networks and ending with Android-devices.

All instruments tracking the activities of children gathered on the companys website, and access to them can be found by logging on to your account to link The system allows parents to monitor their childrens activity on Facebook, including comments, messages, publications on the wall and tags, as well as private settings page and the number of friends.

As Android-devices, there is, in addition, parents are given the opportunity to monitor the location of their children, phone calls, messages, different services and settings. Positioning is achieved using the phones built-in GPS-system, a wireless network, or by using information from the mobile network.

In order to sign up for beta testing Bitdefender Parental Control, go to this link. To start using the system, users need to do a number of simple steps.