Beta testing of the Guild Wars 2 does not withstand the influx of people

CEO ArenaNet Mike OBrien (Mike OBrien) said that she is not physically able to take all the users who want to test the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

Experts argue that game servers simply can not withstand the influx of visitors. The fact that access to testing is open to any gamer, who has drawn the game pre-order. According to experts, the number of users has exceeded several hundred thousand. Therefore, the company had to put restrictions not only on the number of participants, but also prematurely stop taking pre-orders for Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet claims that she was able to connect to the test MMORPG most willing.

Specialists while not say when the beta will start up other gamers. Recall that Guild Wars 2 will release in 2012 for PC.