Beta testing of Steam for Linux started, a list of games quickly rastt

Limited beta testing of digital distribution service Steam for Linux started. Games list quickly grew to 26 projects. Among other popular projects we can mention Dungeons of Dredmoor, Frozen Synapse, Trine 2, Amnesya, World of Goo. More impressive are the game Team Fortress 2, Serious Sam 3: BFE. Signs of Left 4 Dead 2 no, but we know that Valve is actively working on adapting the game for Linux.

Among the first participants in the testing will be only 1000, but then in the course of weeks, the list will be expanded. Valve says that the survey needed to participate in the beta test, attended by 60 thousand people.


Efforts to support Ubuntu 12.04 have been made partly because Microsoft, as the company believes to be moving in the direction of the closed platform within Windows 8. Valve studio head Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) was one of the fiercest critics of Windows 8 mdash; he said that the power of Windows was always open.

For Launch Beta Steam for Linux Newell said: laquo; This is a big milestone in the development of PC games. Steam users have asked us to implement support for games on Linux. We are pleased to bring the rich forms of entertainment and our user community in this open and friendly to consumers platformuraquo;.