Beta testing nachntsya Wizardry Online in 2012

Staff appointed publisher Gamepot MMORPG Wizardry Online testing for early 2012.

According to Famitsu, testers offer experience the game for one of the five races. Each of them can only use opredelnny type items. According to the published information, the complete project will be launched in May next year. In the Japanese retail Wizardry Online will be available for free 30-day access to paid services.

Wizardry Online is based on the legendary series Wizardry. Initially eightieth project was one of the pioneers of the genre RPG. The product developers to make fun of the genre of fantasy and board game Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately, the humor was completely lost in the Japanese adaptation. Later, the developers of the land of the rising sun released on about 40 different projects in the world Wizardry.

Wizardry Online World premiere in June 2012.