Begun testing Microsoft Photosynth for Windows Phone

For some strange reason, the company has a tendency to release Microsoft applications and products primarily to other peoples mobile platforms, and not for his own. You can recall a variety of applications for iOS or Bing, for example, an application for a service automatic gluing panoramas Photosynth, submitted in April 2011.

Been a long time, but it seems that the application will soon be on devices with Windows Phone. According to several sources, the service Photosynth recently downloaded a very remarkable panorama. They are interesting, first of all, the fact that the device is made, other than iOS: Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus and HTC HD7.

I would like to see the Photosynth app for Windows Phone in the near future, but it may occur in the future otdalnnom. Politics delay the release of Microsofts new services and applications for their devices due to the fact that Windows Phone still occupies a small fraction of the market, and to develop for this platform mdash; matter nearly as difficult as it is for the dominant iOS.