Began open beta testing of Russian Prime World game

Over the shoulders of the Russian company Nival number of successful projects: Heroes of Might and Magic V, laquo; Blitskrigraquo;, Silent Storm, laquo; Demiurgiraquo, and laquo; Allodyraquo.; The company is currently engaged in the development strategy of action-Prime World, combines tactical battles, keyless entry and the development of the characters. According to the international portal IGN is the best strategy game exhibition E3 2011.

Game project is free and has now reached the stage of open beta testing, Prime World can be downloaded from the official website.

Laquo; launched a unique one of its kind open alpha testing, we were able to take into account the wishes of many of our players and make the game interesting for all gamers, regardless of their gaming experience. Launching the open beta test mdash; next step in Prime World, a sign that the game is ready to show the widest auditoriiraquo;, mdash; Sergei Orlov, president of Nival.

The game is based

Mdash; confrontation between two nations: the Empire and the Kingdom of Doctor Adorno, who have come together in a continuous struggle for control of the prime mdash; essential resource, the possession of which stocks may change the balance of forces. Prime mdash; energy source of alien substance that changes the world and giving the power over him.

In the universe

Prime World launched book series, on which is the famous science-fiction writers, including Vadim Panov, Alexander Komzolova and Alexander Zorich. The first two books in the series, laquo; Praymashinaraquo, and laquo; Call praymaraquo, already on sale. As soon come game projects for mobile platforms iOS and Android, as well as table card game.