Assassins Creed III: Liberation almost good. review

Hardly who need extra time to describe what is usually represent the spin-offs of popular series on portable consoles. Mediocre deficiencies, parasitic on the popularity laquo; big bratevraquo;, unable to meet them, even at the level of concept. On the PSP like a cheapo stable output for a few pieces a year, and only a few mdash; non-core parts like GTA or Metal Gear Solid mdash; somehow brightened the overall bleak picture.

The PS Vita this situation can be doubly troublesome: while the other projects on this platform purely conventional keep up with the big game consoles. Almost identical control, decent technical parameters mdash; demand from them as from all, without any concessions because of the weak iron portativki.

Assassin in your pocket

And Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation produces a very decent first impression. The familiar layout of buttons, decent detail of the characters and the environment, the seemingly huge virtual New Orleans. Evelyn climbs on a variety of surfaces, fights and uses a large arsenal of any assasinskih stuff is no worse than Connor, Ezio and Altair.

However, quickly get out some of the technical problems. During battles with many enemies the game starts to slow down, Evelyn sometimes inadequately responding to commands, a few episodes in the story campaign were impassable mdash; although Ubisoft promptly released a patch to fix the latter problem. Again affects limited memory on the cartridge mdash; in more than 3 GB with good intentions, not zapihnesh big and beautiful game world, the facade of which would not be noticeable imprint laquo; kopipastaraquo.; The colonial city and the surrounding Louisiana swamp surprisingly uniform, the player does not pull them to explore and uncover the secrets of the local.

As in Assassin’s Creed III, in Liberation almost lost meaning parkour mdash; architecture in America XVIII century modest provincial and frankly, so compare the local towns with magnificent and grandiose buildings of Renaissance Italy is totally inappropriate. What Connor that Evelyn almost no reason to get on the roof or wall mdash; most of the tasks are performed well and mortal earth. And just outside the city we were literally forced to chase the trees mdash; unless, of course, the user does not wish to overcome the swamp swimming with the risk to stumble upon a hungry alligator.

Can creators do without the mandatory use of non-standard controls PS Vita. Card is opened by pressing the touch screen mdash; is indeed convenient. Canoeing, laquo; poglazhivayaraquo, the back panel, is not so comfortable. Well laquo; vskryvatraquo, letter by double-tapping on both sensory areas or bring the console to bright light (such as, view documents in the light!) Mdash; altogether silly. Such occurred in Uncharted: Golden Abyss mdash; and, as we all remember, it does not play its glory.

But the new heroine

Mdash; downright specialist stealth. The game includes a new system of social stealth. Evelyn has three images: a society lady slave and assassin. Dark-skinned girl, daughter of a wealthy French nobleman and ebony, day pretending respectable lady. This helps her to not be an eyesore attentive guards and manage their affairs practically unnoticed. But in the evening dress is not too agile, he can not climb over the walls, is more vulnerable and limited in the arsenal. Related to this is a stupid bug mdash; if you accidentally fall into the water, then restart the game to come, because the latent assasinki no way to get out of the marina in a chic outfit mdash; she just does not want to cling to ledges.

Guise slave helps merge with the crowd of black workers and also penetrate into various private locations. Restrictions were less, but most of all opportunities Evelyn gets in the way assassin. Well have to pay a high level of suspicion that sometimes blocks access to certain areas.

This message was

Reincarnations conjures up thoughts of Hitman, where such items are disclosed interesting tactical options passing the individual levels. There’s nothing like mdash; every mission by literally oblige choose a particular look. As a result, it comes down to a dull running around to laquo; garderobaraquo, and back, no positive effect on the overall game has no excitement.

familiar routine

Mission Liberation too, in general, consist of boring and banal-traditional jobs in the style laquo; ubeyraquo;, laquo; proslediraquo;, laquo; were driven to the other end kartyraquo.; If the Assassin’s Creed III really added a number of new series of entertainment, portable game follows the principles of the very first part of the series, which is justly criticized for the monotony and too conventional structured.

Battles is not that much, besides Evelyn, oddly, much more powerful than their brothers in the Order of the killers. Her pack is nearly impenetrable, the body can withstand powerful blows and does not take a bullet as something deadly, and lasso and did a cheat weapon mdash; at a respectful distance by vervki can strangle any team at all for half a second. There is no swords and axes are not needed, with such supergadzhetom.

As for plot, it laquo; Osvobozhdenieraquo; mdash; is like a game within the game. Company laquo; Abstergoraquo, with which Desmond Miles is fighting in the main parts, introduced the world’s Assassin’s Creed game of its own design. Corporate clients can look at the genetic memory of the assassin Evelyn and make a short trip to America since the Revolutionary War. However, modern Templars have corrected a number of historical moments to put the competing order in a bad light. Therefore, as the game sometimes occur laquo; vzlomyraquo, and the truth gradually emerges out.

However, in practice this postmodernism, this time has no place. The background of all this propaganda laquo; Abstergoraquo, not paid for five minutes, and only have to watch for is not too interesting passions Evelyn in New Orleans. Character reveals the secrets of his past, dealt with Spanish soldiers, helps free the slaves, looking for ancient artifacts along the way. All this is served flat and as if for show. Especially looks depressingly comparison with all of the same Assassin’s Creed III (as here without parallels, if the games came in one day and show off a triple in the title?), Where there is significant historical events and characters famously prescribed impressive sweep of the narrative. But the most important thing that trikvel presented in great filmmaking, which, alas, Liberation is not observed.

And it’s not a portable game format mdash; all claims not related to technical limitations. This is not a normal consequence of the hard work of the developers, specifically mdash; new Bulgarian units Ubisoft.

Maybe some brave publisher for the sake of decency at least once give creating a mobile spin-off in the hands of proven proven people? And then through the time Sun sadder and sadder.


  • one of the most beautiful games for PS Vita;
  • convenient control;
  • generally mdash; conceptually correct Assassin s Creed for the mobile platform.


  • monotony missions;
  • boring virtual world;
  • little bugs;
  • story leaves much to be desired.

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