Apple is releasing iOS 6.0.1 in a few weeks

The leaked information from anonymous sources who claim that the company is currently testing the update to Apples mobile operating system iOS 6, the release of which will take place over the next few weeks. According to unconfirmed reports, the new firmware will be released under a code number 6.0.1 and will bring fix several known bugs.

In particular, the update should remove the horizontal lines on the screen when using the keyboard or folders, and fix with laquo; zavisaniemraquo, camera flash, which sometimes does not go off after the photo has already been taken. It is also reported that the firmware will improve support for Wi-Fi, will provide a correct operation of data transmission over cellular networks, as well as fix the vulnerability to unauthorized access to confidential information Passbook from the Lock screen.

According to the source, Apple also recently started testing the firmware iOS 6.1, release of which is likely to take place after the Christmas holidays. It is expected that the update will bring with it not only bug fixes and new features, but also modified the map service. If this information proves true, the new Tablet PC iPad mini, the release of which will be held on November 2, at the time the market will still be running iOS 6.0.x.