Anonymous denied rumors of plans to turn off electricity in the U.S.


International network Anonymous denied the information that will power off the U.S. in order to produce a mass attack on the government sayty.nbsp; Public announcement was made after the American edition of The Wall Street Journal quoted the head of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which warned of a possible attack by hackers on the computers power plants, in order to cause the limited power available in some institutions.

After publishing the article, Gen. Keith Alexander (Keith Alexander) has publicly announced that the head of the NBA is not stating a fact of planned outages, but simply expressed concern last actions Anonymous, and therefore suggested that the hackers are willing to do anything to to defend their point of view. In response, Anonymous via Twitter accused General in spreading unfounded rumors, panic-mongering and fear mongering. laquo; What kind of electricity outage you say? Many devices that feed electricity to support the lives of people, and there are also other vital areas that depend on electricity. Calm down, NSA, not panikuyteraquo – said the hacktivists.

In addition to its statement, Anonymous organized a spam attack on Facebook-page magazine, which published the information. Reports hackers urged supporters to write comments condemning the article from the magazine. According to the editorial board The Wall Street Journal, the roots of this flashmob lead from German activists Anonymous.nbsp;