Announced game for World War Z

Hammerpoint Interactive Studio announced the creation of a multi-user proektanbsp; War Z. It is made based on the book laquo; World Voynaraquo; (World War Z) by Max Brooks. Game publisher is engaged Arktos Entertainment Group.

In keeping with the spirit of the book, MMOG players to transfer to a spooky post-apocalyptic world with crowds walking dead. In addition to the zombies, players come to care about the hostile users, who are also trying to survive in the urban ruins. To move forward, the players come to stray into the armed forces and work together to find weapons and ammunition.

Hammerpoint Interactive promised to release the project for both free and paid material. Players will be offered several options for passing. On normal difficulty characters gamers will laquo; return to zhizniraquo, after a while. At the highest settings, the characters will laquo; umiratraquo; forever.

War Z will be released on PC in autumn 2012.