Android 4.2 brings a lot of new features

Smartphone Nexus tablet Nexus 4 and 10 mdash; not just a new product. Is the first device that will run the new version of the mobile operating system Android. Google calls Android 4.2 laquo; new version Jelly Beanraquo;. In other words, the platform has a lot to do with Android 4.1, but it also brings a number of important functions.

First, lets say the support Miracast mdash; transfer standard video and audio over wireless Wi-Fi. It allows devices such as the Nexus 4, stream audio and video on the TV (something like AirPlay, but with a wide industrial support). Miracast consoles for existing TVs expected to be available soon. And Google believes that the cost will be much lower than $ 100.

Also, Miracast will soon be integrated into many new TVs mdash; LG has promised to present in 2013 such decisions. According to journalists The Verge, technology demonstrations on Android 4.2 with Nexus 4 works well, and Google has said that each screen at the same time can work independently mdash; that is, during the game on the big screen display smartphone / tablet can be used to display more information on the similar to the Nintendo Wii U or Xbox SmartGlass.

Another important innovation is the new Android 4.2 touch pad gestures by mdash; you can slide your finger between letters, and the keyboard will evaluate the person is trying to type. In many respects it resembles the Swype, but it looks like the new keyboard works faster and more accurately, and the words appear on the fingers while driving, make it easier to keep track of the result set.

Function works well together with the automatic prediction of words from Google (analog SwiftKey), which provides a list of the following words: for example, when dialing laquo; Dobroeraquo, technology tells laquo; utroraquo, (however, it will work with Russian mdash; it is not clear). All this should greatly simplify the process of typing with one hand, but the creators of Swype and SwiftKey unlikely to be happy with these innovations.

Google also used the technology of the camera used in Street View, a new panorama mode smki Android 4.2, which is called Photo Sphere and very much like the application Microsoft Photosynth. The camera application after the first frame will automatically perform the following smku when turning angle on polkadra, complementing the overall picture: then the footage will be combined into a complex panorama, similar to those used in the service Street View.



Panoramas can be viewed on your images, but in Android 4.2 and Google+ emerged viewers Photo Sphere, allowing a smaller distortion panorama view (file format mdash; ordinary. jpg with integrated data XML, so that any interested developer can create a program view, not just Google).


Esch one significant innovation Android 4.2 is support for multiple users on the tablet mdash; anyone can install their own applications, services, settings, and data. And all this technology is very interesting: if one user has already downloaded the tablet app, the other does not come to download and install it separately. Google showed journalists from working games Bad Piggies on a verbal recording with a number of open levels and scores mdash; switching to another user in the application after installation snapshot available completely in a fresh state. Application goes into the background when you switch to a different account, and can perform some functions such as checking for updates, but in general are inactive. In other words, a music player with a verbal recording sound stops playing when switching to another user. In general, for many it is a much-anticipated solution to device sharing.

Gmail is now esch one data source for the voice assistant Google Now, a number of new or improved features. For example, improved support for assistance aviapereltam, to reserve rooms in hotels and restaurants, recommendations for movies and music. A Photo Spot technology within Google Now tell me the most interesting places for photos based on the location of the owner unit.

Other improvements in the Android 4.2 can be mentioned mode Daydream (essentially mdash; saver), the ability to perform actions directly from the center of the notifications, a number of special features, including the ability to enlarge any part of the screen. Widgets are now supported on the lock screen, from which you can directly switch to the camera mdash; very significant improvement.

Mode Daydream

Short list of new features:

smka panoramas Photo Sphere;typing on a keyboard with gestures;improved lock screen (widgets and switch directly to the camera);expandable notification allowing directly perform activities;Scaling messages in Gmail with the ability to automatically reformat text;screensavers Daydream;Special features: triple click to enlarge the screen, forward and increase two fingers, speech output and the mode of navigation gestures for blind users;Miracast support for wireless display;Google Now Gmail can now be used as a source of data, improved support for assistance Polt, reservation of hotels and restaurants, and recommendations for movies and music, and other improvements.

Enhancements to notifications

Android 4.2 will be available first thing in the Nexus 4 and 10, and, of course, will soon appear in other devices like Nexus-Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Lets hope that other modern Android-products will be updated as soon as possible.