ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows Contact!

Start with an overview of the application, you mention two key technologies- Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Data Capture, underlying the Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows. The first technology OCR provides for the traditional high quality of ABBYY OCR, the second – the structuring of information extracted from the cards. Incorporated into the program algorithms automatically determine the main types of contact information (name, mobile, work and home phone numbers, fax, e-mail, name, address and website of the organization, the contact person) and offer to transfer them to the appropriate fields of the system working with contacts or save it as a file. The user can select the most suitable format for storing contact:

  • transfer information in Microsoft Outlook- into existing contact folder or in a new one, created by the application;
  • store data in the cloud CRM-system Sales Cloud;
  • save contacts in the vCard format for use in other programs, such as online services Google Contacts and Google Calendar, as well as tablets and smartphones based on Apple iOS and Android;
  • save the information in CSV format to work with it in Microsoft Excel or another application.

Important features ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows are support any TWAIN-compliant and WIA-compliant scanner and multifunction products (MFPs), and the ability to process PDF files and images of business cards, a digital camera, and smartphones. If connected to a computer scanner supports duplex scanning, the application will determine the information on both sides of a business card. All the information from the first part will be recognized and recorded in the database in an electronic format, and the second program will save as an image.

We should focus on the support of 25 European and Asian languages, the ability to scan and read data simultaneously from ten multilingual business cards (although it can be and more – if only climbed on the scanner), and check for new contacts, replacing the need to duplicate contacts . If the application detects existing contacts, it proposes to update the data, or save both. In operation, the program defaults to the optimal combination of language recognition, which allows you to get the best quality data. If you do not like the quality of the identified data, it can select one or more languages ??manually. In this case, the selected business card will be recognized again with the specified language.

For ease of handling business cards ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows provides fast operation scenarios, allowing contact information from business cards by pressing a single key. Running embedded scripts is from the Quick Launch bar, which opens when you start the program.

After scanning or opening images of business cards application automatically starts the process of data recognition. If the OCR-engine incorrectly identified the scanning of business cards, you can correct it by manually specifying the border area with the mouse to move frames. Editing area can significantly reduce the time of recognition. Using the shortcut menu that appears by right-clicking on one of the cards in laquo; Kartochkiraquo, you can perform basic image editing business card, keep the card, change the language of recognition, or go to the edit window frames cards.

ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows detects the data from a business card and automatically distributes them to the appropriate fields, which are divided into groups – laquo; Full imyaraquo;, laquo; Organizatsiyaraquo;, laquo; Telefonraquo;, laquo; Internetraquo;, laquo ; Adresraquo, and laquo; Zametkiraquo.; Field names phone numbers and addresses of contacts can be changed by selecting the appropriate option from the drop down menu. Information which has been recognized, but did not get into any of these groups, stored in the field laquo; Zametkiraquo.; For example, when on a business card featured five phones, four of them will be separated in the appropriate fields in the group laquo; Telefonraquo, and the fifth hit in the laquo; Zametkiraquo.; The user can check and, if necessary, edit the recognized data from the card, comparing them with the original image. Uncertain characters will be highlighted in red in the fields of contact. If you put the cursor in one of the fields of contact, a close-up will highlight the corresponding area. After checking the recognition results can be saved in Microsoft Outlook or Sales Cloud, in vCard or CSV, or send an e-mail.

When saving in Microsoft Outlook or via Sales Cloud software ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 verifies contact information for duplicates. Records in which the name, last name, middle name or mobile phone coincide with existing data in Microsoft Outlook or Sales Cloud, considered duplicates and shown to the user in a list box laquo; Saving kontaktovraquo.; Repeated contact can be subjected to revision, merge or save as a new.

ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 allows you to save time and improve performance of those people who value their time and value the business contacts. The product will be of particular interest to representatives of business audience – business owners, middle and senior managers, the press officer, marketing and advertising departments of organizations and other user groups, whose work is associated with multiple contacts and active exchange of business cards.

Program comes as a downloadable from the Web site of the electronic version, equipped with a multilingual interface. Recommended cost solutions is 1700 rubles. The application is available in the online store and shops developer partners. To assess the functionality of ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 is provided for guidance only OCR-editing tools, the work of which is limited to 15 days.

More detailed product information can be found at / bcr, the pages of which are also building applications for mobile platforms Apple iOS and Android.

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