A dozen non-obvious features of Windows 8

Emphasis on the practical side of the issue we have not made casually. In comparison with the previous operating system, Windows 8 has undergone a number of imperceptible at first, but important changes, great simplifying daily work at the computer. Lose sight of the Microsoft programmers implemented innovations in the sensational product would be the wrong decision, so we prepared a short overview of the most interesting features of laquo; vosmerkiraquo, that are definitely worth paying attention to.

Integrated Virtualization

Rapid development of the market of virtualization for the last few years has not passed by Windows 8, with a light hand specialist software giant has received an integrated system based virtualization hypervisor Hyper-V. The new functionality is enabled on 64-bit builds of the operating system and can be activated only when the computer has a processor capable of hardware virtualization, and the mechanism of the second level address translation SLAT (Second Level Address Translation). To enable VM-tools to configure the components in the Windows flag mark the item Hyper-V and install a plug-in by pressing OK.

As result – raduyuschem eye beauty interface Modern UI Start screen, a shortcut to work with the platform Hyper-V, create and configure virtual machines. As guest operating systems can be used not only the client and server products Microsoft, and solutions based on Linux, the deployment of which can be made without additional editing configuration files and user settings. In particular, the built-in virtualization support Windows 8 Ubuntu – one of the most popular operating systems in the environment Open Source.

Working with Hyper-V rather trivial. Any difficulties and problems may be solved by accompanying the Windows 8 reference or published on Microsoft TechNet documentation.

to log in with a PIN-code or graphical password

Creating Windows 8 with a focus on mobile devices with touch-enabled, Microsoft’s fresh look at the way you log on the computer and added the ability to authenticate using a graphical password or numeric PIN-code, exempting input passwords cumbersome on-screen keyboard . The corresponding settings are input in the configuration of the operating system.

For greater reliability

Microsoft is recommended to use a graphical password, the user is assumed to hold a particular set of gestures that are recorded by the system as a sensory input, and using the mouse. Size, location and direction of gestures – all this becomes a component of a graphical password, choose which is not so easy as it seems at first glance. Doubters may refer to this article by Steven Sinofsky (Steven Sinofsky), and personally acquainted with the mathematical calculations, demonstrating the reliability of the new authentication system. The text of the material also contains a detailed description of the new login mechanism that magicians from Redmond proudly called personalization.

Installing Windows 8 on a USB-drive

Another interesting feature laquo; vosmerkiraquo, is a function of Windows To Go, which allows the system to record the image on a flash drive and have access to the usual working environment on almost any computer at hand. One need only to connect the portable hard drive to the USB-port of the computer and to boot Windows 8, which automatically configures the hardware and desktop. Tool Windows To Go is available only in the Enterprise edition, and requires a flash drive of at least 32 GB, preferably with a high-speed interface USB 3.0. To ensure the security of user data provides the ability to encrypt and protect the drive means of technology BitLocker.

Autoruns Management Windows 8

Whopping refinements in the new operating system has undergone the task manager, is now able not only to monitor the performance of your computer, but also to control that start automatically on Windows startup programs. If earlier to edit the list of self-starters executables had to go to the Registry Editor, or to adopt a utility msconfig, now just open the tab Task Manager Windows 8. It is noteworthy that in the latest track the influence of certain applications on the rate of the OS and provide rapid retrieval of information on the Internet without permission norovyaschy run programs.

count network traffic

Using Internet tariffs with limited or costly traffic control involves relentless volume was broadcast on the network information. In Windows 8 for the task in the Network Connection is a special tool to activate that option in the context menu, select laquo; Show Intended use dannyhraquo; (Show estimated data usage in the English version of the product). As a result, the operating system will automatically collect statistics about transferred through the network adapter amounts of data, which can be view at any time by opening the laquo; Setiraquo, and clicking on the name of your network connection.

quick access to controls Windows

With the release of

Laquo; vosmerkiraquo and Microsoft has written off the scrap has become a symbol of the Windows key laquo; Puskraquo, and replace it with the same name starting with developing the idea of ??screen widgets laquo; plitkamiraquo alive.; However, the company did not completely get rid of the beloved users the applications menu and save it to only those most essential system programs and utilities. It is located in the lower left corner of the screen and is invoked by right-clicking both from the desktop and from the interface of Modern UI. Using the quick menu to controls significantly accelerates Windows OS settings and administrative tasks.

Operational shutdown

Along with the eradication

Key laquo; Puskraquo, in Windows 8 has disappeared from the usual place with a set menu options in charge of changing the current user, the computer shuts down, switch it to the energy-saving mode, and rebooting the system. Now, to perform the actions necessary to resort every time we leave the right to the use of the control panel and press laquo; Parametryraquo, which is rather tedious. Much easier in such cases, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4, which when pressed minimized or closed applications, opens a window with a list of the desired command.

Attaching applications

Have been further developed in Windows 8 ordering mechanism of the windows on the desktop. In particular, to who had the previous version of the OS features Snap, Shake and Peek redmondtsy added a new, allowing easy transfer of mouse fix windows selected applications in the left or right of the screen and if necessary, switch between them instantly. Attached programs work the same way as in the full screen mode, but contain useful settings for the adjustment to the reduced size. Also, they are always in sight, so the function of fixing the windows is useful, for example, the simultaneous operation of multiple applications and documents. Innovation can take advantage of computer owners with a display resolution of at least 1366×768 pixels.

settings management run Windows 8

With screen laquo; Special variants zagruzkiraquo; (Advanced startup), you can download Windows in different modes for advanced diagnostics to find and fix computer problems. In earlier versions of the operating system to access the Advanced Options menu had to press F8 to run the system. Now an entirely new way. Updated special boot options screen Windows includes more than a dozen different modes, allowing to understand the causes of instability of the PC and set up the correct functioning of the system.

Reset the system to its original state

If you need to give the computer to someone else or to start working with the system from scratch, a few mouse clicks you can return to its original operating condition. Appropriate tools available in Windows 8, and placed in the menu settings laquo; General rarr; Remove all data and reinstall Windowsraquo; (General rarr; Remove everything and reinstall Windows). When you return the computer to its original state is automatically reinstalling Windows, This removes all user files, settings and applications, with the exception of those who were present on the computer originally.

Closing Metro-applications

Software solutions for Windows 8 focused on interaction with multi-touch interface does not provide the usual cross at the top right, by which we can stop their work and unload the machine. To perform this task, you can use the above keyboard combination Alt + F4, or use a special gesture, involving dragging an application window with the mouse or finger to the bottom of the screen.

screen capture and save it to disk, PC

Windows 8 is able to take screenshots and automatically record them in graphics files format PNG. This can be useful in the preparation of various documents with images displayed on the display of the windows or display the contents of another user of the computer screen. To create a screenshot and save it to a file at the same time you have to press the Windows logo key and press the PrtScn. If you use a Tablet PC, you will need simultaneously holding down the Windows logo key and the volume down. Display brightness PC momentarily drops while copying the screen, then the screenshot will be saved in the directory laquo; ekranaraquo Pictures, images in the user library.

This is the list

Obvious at a first glance of Windows 8, which we wanted to tell the audience. As for his personal impressions formed after meeting with the software giant novelty, they are dual. On the one hand, it is clearly visible on the work done by Microsoft of the optimization of the system, operating significantly faster than Windows 7 on a battered computer. On the other – puzzling and inconsistent interaction standard laquo; plitochnogoraquo, interfaces, and the violent imposition of the last user desktops and stationary machines. The whole system is worthy. This assessment and take until laquo; in the first chteniiraquo.; As Windows 8 will show itself to the software – will know in time, when it becomes available official information on the results of sales of the product in the world.

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