5 useful widgets for Android

Fancy Widgets

Likely that many owners of Android gadgets are familiar with the original cover smartphones and tablets HTC – Sense. It is undeniable that it is the most beautiful laquo; obrtkoyraquo; Android. But what if you want something to embellish the main screen of the device, and it does not have Sense? Should install Fancy Widgets, and at your disposal will be the most beautiful weather and time widgets, similar to those that have in the devices HTC.

After installation you will immediately see the menu of the application settings. As Fancy Widgets supports the Russian language, set the options you want no trouble for anyone. You can set the time format (twelve or twenty-four), the date, what additional information to show on the widget (battery, an alarm clock or the week number). You can also change the location, weather server, select appropriate units, and indicate what action will be performed by pressing sticker. Many settings, but once having sat with them for twenty minutes, you can create a truly comfortable and beautiful widget.

As seen in

Presented above screenshot, the app is full of informers – for every taste and color. The most compact takes only one virtual cell of your desktop, and can take the most informative on the screen with a small resolution of the whole tab. All widgets display the weather, but not all show the time (only widgets size 4×2). The temperature level is divided into day and night. Some widgets include wind speed and direction, and humidity. Largest widget also shows the time of sunrise and sunset and the weather forecast for four days in advance.

In addition to the standard version

Design widgets, Fancy Widgets provides the ability to download those from the store, the built-in. All skins that are in it, are free, but most of them need to download the full version (which costs about 75 rubles). Subjectively speaking, the standard widget style is the most elegant, so you can no infringements for myself to have the free version. Also in the paid variations Fancy Widgets have a few extra stickers, but they are also, by and large, are not necessary.

Summarizing all

Vyshenapisannoe, we can conclude that the Fancy Widgets – powerful, flexible and attractive tool for creating a widget weather and time, and the corresponding user queries containing a minimum of gaps and limitations in the free version.

Animated Widget Contact Launch

In any phone book is often used numbers. This phone can be parents, friends, or the second half. Either way, you call them more often than, for example, long-forgotten school friend. What’s the point several times a day to gain the same number, because you can just install the widget avtovyzovom? Apparently, it is this question that a Victor Derevianko when invented the first prototype Animated Widget Contact Launch – Widgets are handy for quick work with contacts, bookmarks and launch applications.

Adding widgets on the desktop is the classic way: either through the settings menu, or after a long touch on the screen. The program provides several types of stickers: For an individual contact, group of contacts, favorite bookmarks and applications. When you add all of them appear on the desktop a little icon that occupies one virtual cell workspace. Widget for individual contact, clicking on it, can quickly cause that person, send a SMS / MMS-message or open its details. The user can specify which number (home, work, etc.) to call or send SMS. If the phone book is a photo of the contact, it will appear on the icon. Note that when creating a widget when you click laquo; Daleeraquo, it moves to the advanced settings, which in most cases can be left in the default position, and pressing Ok – adding a widget to the home screen. Agree, strange terminology.

The process of adding a group

Widget is very simple – it’s a separate program laquo; plyusikraquo.; The user selects the appropriate type of informer, in the window that says exactly which contacts you want to merge into a single widget, and save it to your desktop. After clicking on it, the screen displays all group entries. You can also change the name of the widget and the default action (for example, the dial to send SMS-messages).

Creating a tabbed widget or application is exactly the same as with a group of contacts. User marks the right software or web page, if necessary, change any settings, and widget appears on the home screen.

Line of icons to applications, bookmarks, or contacts is not static. It moves wave: very elegant solution. You may notice that when you open a sticker in the lower left corner there is an offer to buy Pro-version, which costs about 120 rubles. In contrast to the free, it is not limited to four widget for a particular contact, a contact group and two boot applications and bookmarks. However, both versions are able to save and restore the widgets from backup in case of accidental deletion.

In conclusion, Animated Widget Contact Launch – comfortable and attractive system of widgets to save time when you call laquo; blizkihraquo, so for example, contacts, favorite sites and programs.


Mobile device – a great way to make a list for the day, or record any information if you do not have pen and paper. This can help in a convenient and simple application ColorNote, partaking of widgets notes and todo lists.

When you add a widget to the home screen the program prompts the user to choose from a list of pre-existing notes or create a new one. If you choose to record saved, it is immediately added to the desktop in the form of a sheet of paper 1×1 or 2×2 cells (depending on the type of widget has been selected.) When you create a new entry to the user will need to choose what to create: a note or todo-(list) list.

After you create and save a new entry widget will automatically appear on the screen. It should be noted that the functions ColorNote also include notes with a password lock and a reminder of it for a certain period of time. Also records can be shared with friends via email, and add them to the archive, if they have become obsolete, but one day may be required.

Another feature ColorNote, as the name suggests, is that the color of the notes can be changed. When the records on the desktop much, this feature is important. Users have the notes nine colors: yellow (the default), white, gray, orange, purple, green, red, blue and black.

It should be noted that ColorNote yavlyaetsyanbsp, not only flexible widgets, but also a convenient application for Android. The program can be viewed by all the notes (in two modes: list and grid), to create a new, sort by creation time, last modification time, alphabetically, by color or by the reminder time, and set up online or offline (on a memory card ) backup.

Try as he might, you will not find deficiencies in ColorNote. And if we remember that the full functional application is free (and even ad-free), so do get excited.


Often have this happen, the money ran out on the cell at the wrong time? To prevent this, you can install on your desktop widget cluBalance, which displays the balance of mobile devices and is updated in real time.

The program has three

Informer: 1×1, 2×1 and 4×1. Each of them displays the amount in the account of the user, as well as changes in the balance (the latter, the day and the month.) Note that the widgets are great personalized: the application has four different styles for their registration (though they are similar), the user can adjust the transparency of the informer, enable or disable the display of the operator logo, progressbar, and adjust the color on their own.

By clicking on the logo of the operator will update the balance, and when you click on laquo; teloraquo; widget – the transition into the program. In it, you can see detailed statistics mobile spending for any period of time – from one day to a year. There is also a handy function to display the last message from the operator: it is useful to those who are connected packages of minutes, SMS and more. Also in the application there is a magazine with a detailed report on the balance sheet. It displays, after which operations will be written off funds. The free version of the journal reflects only data for the current day. Full laquo; Proraquo;-application, you can view detailed statistics by month, day, or at any arbitrary time interval. Also, the paid version is the ability to view charts that let you visually compare the costs of different days or months. Pro-cost version is less than 60 rubles.

Honestly, since we are primarily interested in the widget application and its functionality in the free version does not cut, I see no reason to buy cluBalance Pro. The application adjusts quickly to your service, recognize changing sim-card. If the balance is still not displayed, the program has a detailed help, which will help the user to make it work. Developer bow: cluBalance – tool is much more than just convenient.

Battery HD

Pro users Android-Gadget common joke that their Soup never stolen, as they always are in charge. Indeed, many devices running on the operating system from Google, quickly spend the battery. Completely the problem, unfortunately, can not be solved, but to warn – is quite possible.

Battery HD Widgets application will inform you of how many percent of the total battery charge remains at your disposal, how much time is left to discharge the device to use certain features (phone or 2G-3G-talk, the use of mobile or Wi-Fi- internet, listening to music, watching videos, playing games and so on.). The application offers three types of widgets: horizontal, vertical, and compact. If you add a sticker to the desktop user should specify what data they want to see on it. To obtain more accurate data, the application can be calibrated, that is, produce special automatic battery tests (by the way, is quite long: 60 to 90 minutes).

If you click on the widget window opens Battery HD. It consists of three tabs. In the first is the most important information about the battery: the percentage of remaining charge, the duration laquo; zhizniraquo, without charging in standby mode, the remaining time for listening to music, watching videos, surfing the web and, of course, to make telephone calls. The second tab also contains data on the length of the gadget. In the third are the physical battery data (status, temperature, voltage).

In the settings you can detect the change in color sticker battery on / off notifications in the system tray at the bottom of the screen and the Android launch calibration test. In the same application offers to buy Pro-version, which frees the user from viewing the ads. More no differences.

It should be noted that the application is very stylish and pleasant to use. In addition please, of course, not one hundred percent, but very accurate. Subjective view on the article’s author, the program is best of breed.

In this we all. Do not forget to share your favorite widgets in the comments!

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