Games for Android, Issue 1

Games for Android, Issue 1 Aeon Avenger If you like Japanese RPG in the tradition of Final Fantasy, Aeon Avenger is definitely for you. Huge world, many locations, time travel, robbery korovanov, good and evil characters, each with its own history, destiny and purpose, mdash; what could be better for the detachment from reality! Game begins with the selection of, available options Normal and Hard. After that, the... Read More

Songbird: Singing bird with heart fox

Songbird: Singing bird with heart fox Struggle between browsers in a sense stalled. Most developers realize the simple truth that many users were clear from the start. For example, manage the pages easier and more convenient to use the tabs. The ability to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and other user data allows to find laquo; predannyhraquo; fans who will not go away to competitors because of the complexities associated with the... Read More

Halo 4 start of a new legend. A preliminary review

Halo 4 start of a new legend. A preliminary review Many successful games that invested millions of dollars, are seasonal hits. However, the sign of true success in the memory for decades. In the entire history of the industry almost collected a dozen examples of this recognition. But it sure will series Halo. More than ten years ago, then a little-known studio Bungie working on the project of their dreams. And she was lucky to be seen Microsoft... Read More

MAGIX Music Maker MX 18: a lot of music out of nothing

MAGIX Music Maker MX 18: a lot of music out of nothing We strongly believe that everyone should be engaged in the life that he is interested. Only when the work is fun, you can realize their creative potential. But the reality is, unfortunately, often quite different. Choosing an occupation, most often guided by the rules that are based on stereotypes, and covered with dust and cobwebs. One of the most common misconceptions: to be a designer,... Read More

IgroMir 2012: completion

IgroMir 2012: completion of giant edifice, small East and excessive inspiration We could not get past the demo version of Lost Planet 3 mdash; new chapter on the conquest of the world by mankind frosty planet EDN III. All assumptions were confirmed after E3: series certainly changed, mostly for the better. And like Spark Unlimited uses the last chance to get in laquo; highest liguraquo;, squeezing out all the juices.... Read More
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